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Can you name the Binding of Isaac Afterbirth Items?

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More stuff to carry!
Range + luck up
Egg sack bombs!
Be gentle...
Flip a coin
Double charge!
Rerolls stats
He wants your keys!
Your future shines brighter
Eye shot!
Intensifying tears
Scared of the dark?
Protective friend
The kiss of death
Rerolls rocks
Me! and my shaaaadow!
4-way buddy!
Consume thy enemy!
What's in the box?
Double item vision
Double your friends
Your destiny
He farts!
Rainbow effects!
More Sacks!
Spider love
Don't swallow the prize!
Sticky bomb shot!
Transcendent tears
What's inside?
Don't cry over it...
Mod buddy!
Matt's kidney stone
The heavens will change you
You feel cozy
Mass poison
Laser ring tears
Wide shot
Damage booster
Turret follower
Range + tears up
_____ want coin!
Their blood brings rage!
Peace be with you
Money talks
Double wiz shot!
Follows my every move...
Lost protector
Directed tears
Aura stat boost
Nice hat!
Never ending stores!
Shrink shot!
Feed them love
Remote tear detonation
Protect me from myself
Giga fart!
Dark friend
Call to the void
Spin the black circle!
Game breaking bug, right away!
Friendly fly
Explosive blast!
Gotta catch 'em all?
Penny tears!
Sworn friend
Turn your enemy
We put bombs in your bombs!
Rune generator
Your fate beside you
Stick it to 'em
The untainted gain power
Love toots!
Holy shot!
You feel cursed...
ydduB Buddy
Laser breath
Uh oh...
Pill mimic
Turn back time
I reward an _____ ______
Controlled tears
A gurd of your own!
Gotta fetch 'em all!
Reroll rewards!
Accuracy brings power!
Short cutter
Feed them hate
Prize bombs!
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