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Maximizes attack when criticaled
Pulse moves get a boost
May heal allies statuses
Biting attacks are boosted
Cannot be frozen
Summons sandstorm
Cannot be paralyzed
Evasion is boosted in hail
Status moves have increased priority
Lowers damage taken from contact moves, but raises damage taken from fire moves
Flying attacks have increased priority
Can only move once every other turn
Attacks go through reflect, light screen, and substitutes
If afflicted with burn, paralysis, or poison, the opponent gets afflicted with the same condition
Summons electric terrain
Opponent cannot eat berries
Reverses aura abilities
Stats cannot be lowered
Attack cannot be lowered
Protects against moves that force pokemon out
Super effective hits are weakened
Immune to electric attacks and gets a speed boost from them
Prevents stats from being lowered
Normal attacks become fairy type and get a boost
Speed is boosted when hit by dark, ghost, or bug attacks
Immune to sound based attacks
Nullifies all weather
Boosts attack after KOing a pokemon
Allies cannot fall asleep
Power is boosted while poisoned
While at full health, user receives halved damage from attacks
Restores HP when eating a berry
Reflects status moves
Immune to water attacks, and SpAtk is boosted from them
Weight is doubled
Stat changes are reversed
This pokemon alway moves last
When hit with physical attacks, Def is lowered and speed is boosted
Cannot be burned
Attacks with secondary effects are boosted, but the secondary effects are removed
Attack is doubled
Boosts evasion while confused
Prevents status in sun
Halves weight
Speed is doubled in sandstorm
Healed when hit with electric attacks
User takes no damage the first time it is hit
Increases attack when opponent is the same gender
Boosts SpAtk when paired with a pokemon with plus
Copies the ability of a defeated ally
Draining moves damage the user
All attacks will hit
Randomly raises and lowers stats
All attacks used are normal type
Contact may cause infatuation
Can pass an item to an ally
Contact lowers speed
Normal and fighting attacks can hit ghost types
Contact moves no longer make contact
Attack is doubled
Power is boosted in sun, but takes damage every turn
Pinch berries are consumed at 50% HP
Changes type to match the held memory
Attacks hit twice
Not very effective attacks are boosted
Opponents making contact are damaged
Protects against attacks such as taunt or attract
Cannot be poisoned
Changes type according to the plate it holds
Contact damages foes
Normal type moves become electric type and are strengthened
Prevents lowering of ally grass type's stats
Items cannot be stolen or knocked off
User is drowsing
Boosts ally's special attack
Takes less damage from fire attacks and burns
Opponents that make contact can inflict poison
Grounded targets cannot escape or switch
Summons intense sunlight
Nullifies all weather
Non-Ghost types cannot escape
Changes form in the sunlight
Immune to ground attacks
Attack is boosted when affected by status
Speed is doubled in sun
User switches out when below 50% HP
Summons sun
Fairy attacks are boosted
Type changes before using attacks to that attack's type
Grass attacks are boosted at low health
Immune to powder moves
Protects against residual damage
Boosts defense on grassy terrain
Lower chance of being hit by stat-changing moves
Poisoned opponents will always receive critical hits
Dark attacks get a boost
Steals the opponents item when the opponent makes contact
SpAtk is boosted when stats are lowered
Making contact with opponents can inflict poison
User changes form when above 25% HP
Stats cannot be lowered
Summons hail
Boosts speed while statused
Defense cannot be lowered
Reveals the opponent's item on switch in
Boosts Atk or SpAtk on switch in
Contact may burn foes
Sleeping pokemon take damage
Can always flee battle
Opponent's speed is lowered after making contact
Prevents critical hits
Can pick up items while traveling
Randomly inflicts paralysis, sleep or poison
Punch attacks get a boost
Summons strong winds
Defense is boosted when afflicted with status
Disguises itself as another pokemon
User receives less damage from fire type attacks, cannot be burned, and water type attacks are doubled in power
Prevents recoil
Contact changes foes abilities to _____
User's highest stat increases after knocking out an opponent
Evasion is boosted in sandstorm
Transforms into the opponent on switch-in
User transforms when below 50% HP, gaining an immunity to status
1HKO attacks are survived with 1 HP
Increases crit ratio
Summons heavy rain
Restores a berry after use
User is immune to priority attacks
Allies take less damage
Secondary effects have a doubled chance of triggering
Moves that make contact are boosted
Strengthens steel type moves
Normal attacks become ice type and get a boost
Immune to non-super effective hits
Halves damage from physical attacks
Super effective attacks are weakened
Healed when hit with water attacks
Doubles damage against a pokemon that switched in this turn
Healing moves gain priority
Items cannot be used
When user is knocked out, opponent takes damage equal to the user's HP before fainting
Immune to attacks like taunt or attract
Draws in all electric attacks and gets a SpAtk boost
Changes form at below 50% HP
Normal attacks become flying type and get a boost
Ignores the opponents stat changes
Heals when poisoned
Cures status upon switching
Atk is boosted when stats are lowered
Power is boosted when burned
Alerts the user to the strongest move of the opponent
Randomly disables opponents moves
Lowers wild encounter rate
Steel and poison types can be poisoned
Water attacks are boosted at low health
STAB attacks get a boost
User is immune to priority attacks
Cannot be confused
Super effective hits are weakened
Rock, ground and steel attacks are boosted in sandstorm
Immune to critical hits
Atk and SpAtk are halved below 50% HP
Summons Rain
Becomes the type of the last attack to hit it
Immunity to fire attacks, and gains a boost when hit by one
Copies the opponent's ability
Changes forms with the weather
Boosts accuracy
Summons misty terrain
Multi-hit moves always hit 5 times
Cannot be put to sleep
Heals in Hail
Attacks with recoil are boosted
Damage from ice and fire attacks is reduced
Attack is increased, but accuracy is lowered
User transforms when below 50% HP, healing 25% HP
Cannot be put to sleep
Steals the opponents held item if not holding one
Increases wild encounter rates
Warns the user about super effective or 1HKO moves
Bug type attacks are boosted at low health
Ignores defensive abilities
Randomly heals status conditions
Cannot flinch
Flinching boosts speed
Amplifies stat changes
Critical hits are stronger
User transforms after knocking out an opponent
Opponents making contact may be paralyzed
Fire type attacks get a boost at low health
Opponents PP usage doubles
Attack and speed are halved for 5 turns
Ignores defensive abilities
Boosts defense when hit
Moves with under 60 power are boosted
May pick up honey while traveling
Speed is doubled in rain
Steel types cannot escape
Boosts special attack when the user is below 50% HP
User switches out when below 50% HP
Prevents explosion moves
Speed is doubled in electric terrain
Gets a power boost when moving last
Defense is sharply boosted when hit with a water type attack
Heals in rain
Speed is doubled while not holding an item
Summons grassy terrain
Accuracy cannot be lowered
Heals 33% on switching out
Ignores all defensive abilities
Heals status conditions in rain
Boosts SpAtk when paired with a pokemon with minus
Increases accuracy
Summons psychic terrain
Immune to grass attacks and gains an attack boost from them
Speed is doubled in hail
Sound attacks become water type
Changes forms based on what attack it uses
Awakens faster from sleep
Immune to bomb and ball moves
Heals in rain, takes damage in sun
Allies cannot be hit by friendly spread moves
Immediately copies and uses any dance move used
Immune to secondary effects of attacks
The opponent loses 25% of their health when this pokemon is defeated
Takes half damage when at full health
Being hit with dark attacks boosts attack
Speed is boosted every turn
Lowers opponents attack on switch in
Boosts special attack when any pokemon faints

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