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To Smash Something
Something Used to Comb Hair
Drop The First Letter
An Area of Redding On a Person's skin
A Heavy Blow
Loop of Cloth Worn Over The Shoulder
To be Rude To Somebody
More Than One Person Named Sal
Past Tense of Sell
Under Surface Of a Shoe
Burrowing Mammal
To be Dejected
Drop The 'e'
Shirt or Upper Part
As Well; Like Wise
Cow Noise
Add a 'n' to the End of the Moo
Minnesota's State Bird
Cage Or Pen For Poultry
Short for Raccoon
Short For Cartoon
To fart
Sound an Owl Makes
Add an 's' at the Begging of the Previous word
Delete The Last Letter Of The Previous Word
Something You Where On Your Foot
A Place To Buy Stuff
Move The First Letter of The Previous Word To The End of The Word
More Than One Mop
Small Flowerless Green Plant
Person in Charge of You
Type of Fish
A Container Designed To Hold Something
You Put A Broken Bone In One Of These
Acient Egyption Cat Goddess
Something That Already Happened

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