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Can you name the meerkats in Meerkat Manor ?

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UnknownDominant Female
Lazuli DominantsDominant male
Lazuli DominantsSly Uncle
Flower and YousarrianGreat Leader/Mommy's Girl
Flower and YousarrianMajor Evictee
Flower and YousarrianResilliant Starsky
Flower and YousarrianDependable but lucky
Flower and YousarrianHero Number 1
Mozart and CarlosCheif and Trusted Babysitter
Mozart and CarlosKiss Up but Unpredictable
Mozart and CarlosGreat Rover/Nakita's Man
Flower and ZaphodSuper Century Hero
Flower and ZaphodRarely Mentioned Male Meerkat
Flower and ZaphodNext Possible Dohn-Huan
Flower and ZaphodRelaxed and cool
Flower and ZaphodUp for a fight
Flower and ZaphodReady for anything
Flower and ZaphodCut but feisty
Flower and ZaphodAmazingly Adventurous
Flower and ZaphodBlending In Expert
Flower and ZaphodFlower Girl
Flower and ZaphodDon't be fooled
Ameera and WilsonLonered Lad
Flower and ZaphodFruity Daughter
Flower and ZaphodMom's Favorite Brat
Flower and ZaphodFood Defender
Flower and ZaphodMom's First Pickings
Flower and ZaphodYoung Whisker
Flower and ZaphodDon't be fooled by the easy-going name
Flower and ZaphodQuestionable
Flower and ZaphodReasonable
Flower and ZaphodCosy little hiker
Flower and ZaphodLast Offspring/DNA holder
Rocket Dog and WilsonFast and Energetic
Rocket Dog and WilsonClose Shave
Sophie and WilsonMostly Cared For
Sophie and WilsonOver-run outcast
Sophie and WilsonSandy Boy
UnknownTough Leader
Flower and ZaphodLazy but not short-sighted
Flower and ZaphodSecond in Command/Dodgy Bro
Flower and ZaphodBattling Brother
Flower and ZaphodLow bro
Flower and ZaphodClinky's Guy
UnknownNikita's Sis/Carene's Gal
Nikita and HannibalEvictee Returning
Nikita and HannibalSon of Stars
Nikita and HannibalDizzy Bloke
Nikita and HannibalGentle Softy
Nikita and HannibalGreat Member
Nikita and HannibalTall-standing Hero
Nikita and HannibalDesert's Love Machine
Nikita and HannibalWilson's Left-hand Man
Nikita and HannibalRare mentioned Comando evictee of many
Nikita and ZorroBeautiful Rover magnet
Nikita and ZorroTough Fighter
Nikita and MilesSoul Survivor of Litter
Flower and YousarrianChallenging Sis
Flower and ZaphodBazzar Bro
Flower and ZaphodAttractive to a rover
Flower and ZaphodPregnant sister
Flower and ZaphodIllmentioned girl
Flower and ZaphodOnly Aztec Male
Flower and ZaphodBazzar name but good sport
Maybellene and WilsonGood little lad
Maybellene and WilsonBoy of the river
Maybellene and WilsonCool little pup

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