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Can you name the periods of geologic time??

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Years (in millions of years ago)Period Common Species/ Major Events
23-PresentContained Ice age, wooly mammoths, saber toothed cats, and evolution of Humans
65.5-23Saw rise of primates, bats, whales and many families of primitive mammals, as well as grasses
145.5-65.5The peak and end of the age of Dinosaurs, saw rise of flowering plants, species such as T. Rex lived in this period until killed by an asteroid impact
199.6-145.5First birds appeared, allosaurus, stegosaurus and apatosaurus roamed the shifting continents
251-199.6Bookended by extinctions, this period saw the disappearance of many reptile families, but saw the first mammals as well as the first dinosaurs such as celophysis
300-251Protomammals called therapsids roamed this period as reptiles began to diversify. The period ended in the worst mass extinction ever
359-300Saw the rise of amphibians, as well as giant insects fueled by high oxygen levels. Most coal deposits were formed during this time
416-359Known as the age of fishes, this period saw the radiation of sharks and bony fishes, and ended with tetrapods venturing onto land
443-416The first sharks and bony fishes arose during this period
488-443The first land plants arose, as well as the first vertebrates
542-488Characterized by a radiation in life that gave rise to many modern phylums

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