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Last Los Angeles team to win a Championship
In 1994 who did The Detroit Pistons Draft with their first pick
Name the last Canadien NHL team to win the Stanely Cup
Who did the Red Sox beat in the World Series to snap the 86year streak
Name the last team the Chicago Cubs beat in the world Series
Who did the Knicks beat to win there last Championship
Last Detroit team to win a Championship
Famous Yankee who dawned the number 7
The Last team Shaq played for
Who the Devils beat to win there last Stanley Cup
What team Lost the first ever Super Bowl
Last Team the Raiders beat to win the Super Bowl
Last NFL team to go 0-16
First Team The Dallas Cowboys beat to win their first Super Bowl
With the first pick in the 1979 NBA draft the Lakers Draft
Last Team the Chicago Bulls beat to win the NBA Finals
Detroit Tigers beat this team in the 1984 World Series
Last NHL team Wayne Gretzky played for
Bret Favre won the Super Bowl by beating this team
Famous Red Wing dawned the number 19
In the 2000 NFL draft with the 199 pick the Patriots draft
The Detroit Pistons have won three championships two against the Lakers who was the other team they beat
Last MLB player to wear the Number 42
Famous Buffalo Sabre who dawned the number 39
With the 6th pick in the 1978 NBA draft the Boston Celtics Draft
Joe Montanas last Super Bowl win came against
Alex Rodriguez first played for what MLB team
Last team the Blue Jays beat to win the World Series
Who Peyton Manning beat to win his first Super Bowl
Famous Yankee who dawned the Number 2
Charles Barkley played for this team when he went to his only NBA finals
Last team the Edmonton Oilers beat to win the Stanley Cup
Last team the Red Wings Beat to win the Stanley Cup
Charles Woodson won his only Super Bowl with this team
In the 2nd pick1982 NBA draft the Detroit Pistons draft
Barry Bonds started his MLB Career with
What team did the Marlins beat to win their first World series
Dr.J won his only NBA Championship with this team
The Saints won their only Super Bowl against this team
Diamondbacks won the World Series by beat this team

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