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Can you name the characters in tolkein's mythology?

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ClueNameOther information
Supreme being of Arda, who creates through his musicThe elves (Quendi) and men (Atani) are known as his children
Powerful spirits who joined in the music of (1)These were given the choice whether to descend into Arda or remain with (1)
Of those spirits (see 2) who descended into Arda, the 14 most powerfulThey dwell in Valinor, far in the west
The lesser spirits, they serve (3)There are a great many of these; some are revered by elves and men as much as (3)
The greatest of (3), he is the lord of the windsBrother of (19), the enemy.
She is lady of the starsWife of (5), she is the only one the enemy (19) ever feared, as she denounced him even before they entered Arda.
The lord of watersHe never has a fixed dwelling, and never marries. He is one of few who still visits Middle Earth
The blacksmith, he created the dwarvesAlso created the chains that held (19), as well as the two lights. He taught the elves (especially the Noldor) how to build and create.
She is called queen of the earthWife of (8), she created the two trees, and awoke the Ents
She lives alone, west of Valinor, where she cries for the sorrows of the worldHer tears are not ones of sorrow, but ones of hope and healing. She washed the poison away from the two trees after their destruction
Judge of the dead, he is often called by the name of the halls of his dwellingHe is unforgiving, but never cruel
She weaves the story of the world into her tapestriesWife of (11), Her tapestries decorate the halls of their dwelling
He is the lord of dreams. He, too, is most often known by the name of his dwelling.He is (11)'s brother; together, they are called the Fëanturi, the Masters of Spirits.
She is known as the Gentle. Her name means 'rest.'Wife of (13), their gardens give peace to all who stay there.
A great hunter, he is one of the few of these beings whos still visits Middle-earth from time to time. He has a great horn called Valaróma and a great steed
Called the Ever-Young, flowers bloom and birds sing at her passing.The most beautiful of (3), she is the wife of (15)
The champion of (3), he tipped the scales in the first battle against the enemy (see 19)He is a great wrestler, and while he is said to be slow to anger, he is even slower to forget.
The youngest of (3), she takes great pleasure in dancing upon the lawns Valinor.Wife of (17), they were the only who were married after the descent into Arda.
Once the greatest of (2), he corrupted the Music for his own selfish gains and became the enemy.He destroyed much of what was created; his lieutenant, one of (4), became known as Sauron.
The best known of (4), this group of five beings, two of whom play important roles in the War of the Ring, are generally referred to as WizardsThe greatest of these are Curunir and Olórin

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