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Can you name the Elven peoples of Middle Earth?

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This name refers to all of the Elves who awoke at CuiviénenThe Elves were known as the FIrst Born of Ilúvatar (the Creator).
These Elves refused the call to live with the Valar in Aman.This name means 'unwilling'
These Elves chose to accept the summons to Aman.Not all of these Elves reached Aman; this name refers to all who accepted the call.
These were the first of the Elves awakened at Cuiviénen.All of these elves reached Aman.
This the second group of Elves awakened at Cuiviénen.Some of these reached Aman.
This was the third group awakened at Cuiviénen.Some of these reached Aman.
All the elves of the first group became these; they remained in Aman with the Valar.Their name refers to their blond hair.
Many of these Elves were eventually exiled from Aman after the Kinslaying.These elves became the subject of many of the great stories of the Silmarillion.
Those of the third group who accepted the call became known by this name; the group split further along the way.Also referred to as 'the Singers'
These elves (among the third group) accepted the call, but refused to cross the Misty Mountains.The name means 'those who turn back.'
These elves (of #10) eventually did cross the Misty Mountains into Beleriand.Little is actually known about these Elves.
These elves (of #10) stayed in the valley of the Anduin; they eventually became the kingdom of Mirkwood.Legolas is one of these.
These were the Grey Elves; they were one of the largest groups in Middle Earth.This group gave rise to one of the two main Elven languages
These were those among the third group who actually reached Aman.Their name means 'people of the waves.'
This name refers to all Elves who reached AmanThe name means 'Elves of Light,' referring to the two trees.
This was the name given to all Elves who never reached Aman.The name means 'Elves of Darkness,' as they never saw the light of the Trees.
This name also refers to the Elves of Aman.These Elves, and those descended from them, became known as the High Elves.
This name was given to any Elves who accepted the call, but never reached Aman.Name means 'those not of Aman.'

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