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An extensive complex involving 2 ornate palaces and several pavillionsVienna, Austria
Masterwork of the mad King Ludwig II of BavariaNear Füssen, Bavaria, Germany
Considered the masterwork of François I's Renaissance châteaux in the Loire valleyOn the Loire river, Loir-et-Cher, France
A historial Royal residence and monastery, now housing several museumsNear Madrid, Spain
Winter home of the Danish royal familyCopenhagen, Denmark
Now houses the Parliament of the United KingdomLondon, United Kingdom
One of a series of elaborate palaces laid out by Peter the GreatSt Petersburg, Russia
A private home of the Monarch of the UK, not part of the Crown EstateRoyal Deesside, Scotland, United Kingdom
Once a royal palace, it now houses the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign AffairsLisbon, Portugal
Main summer residence of the Kings of BavariaMunich, Bavaria, Germany
Built as a royal hunting lodge of the House of SavoySouthwest of Turin, Italy
Commissioned by Sophie-Charlotte, wife of the Elector of BrandenburgBerlin, Germany
Favored residence of the Tudor monarchsRichmond-upon-Thames, Greater London, United Kingdom
Opulent baroque palace of the King of Naples, used in many filmsNear Naples, Italy
Longest-occupied castle in Europe, it remains an official home of the British monarchsCounty Berkshire, England, United Kingdom
Birthplace of Queen Victoria, the gardens now feature a memorial to Lady DianaLondon, United Kingdom
The summer palace of Frederick the Great, modeled after French palacesPotsdam, Brandenburg, Germany
Official residence of the President of the Republic of ItalyRome, Italy
Renaissance castle which became the favored residence of Napoleon BonaparteSouth of Paris, in Seine-et-Marne, France
A series of palaces built by the Moorish kings in southern SpainGranada, Spain
The seat of French Royal power at the time of the revolutionSouthwest of Paris, in Yvelines, France
The private residence of the Swedish royal familyOutside Stockholm, Sweden
The last official State Residence of the Russian Tsars, famous for its part in the Russian RevolutionSt Petersburg, Russia
A summer residence of the Russian royals, this is notable for its distinctive bright blue wallsTsarskoye Selo, near St Petersburg, Russia
The best known of the official residences of the Queen of EnglandLondon, United Kingdom
Official residence of the President of the French RepublicParis, France
Summer home of the PopeSouth of Rome, Italy
Official residence of the monarch in Scotland, it stands at the end of the Royal MileEdiburgh, United Kingdom
Residence of the PopeVatican City
Once the favored summer home to the French kings, now houses an automobile museumNortheast of Paris, in Oise, France

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