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Can you name the Lesser Greek Gods?

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Forced Order
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DescriptionNameAssociated Figures
God of grapes, wine, madness, and ecstasyBacchus (Roman), Liber (Roman)
God of medicine and healing-
God of love and desireCupid (Roman)
The rainbow, she links mankind with the gods-
Goddess of youthJuventas (Roman)
Personification of fear or horror-
Personification of dread or terror-
Goddess of harmony and concordConcordia (Roman)
Cup-bearer of the gods, a beautiful youth taken by Zeus-
Muse of epic poetryOrpheus (son)
Muse of history-
Muse of love poetry-
Muse of music, or sometimes lyric poetry-
Muse of tragedy-
Muse of sacred poetry and hymn-
Muse of dance-
Muse of comedy-
Muse of astronomy-
Splendor, youngest of the Graces-
Beauty or Mirth, one of the Graces-
DescriptionNameAssociated Figures
Good Cheer, oldest of the Graces-
Justice or Divine Order, one of the Horae-
Good Order or Law, one of the Horae-
Peace, one of the HoraePax (Roman)
Goddess of Victory, daughter of PallasVictoria (Roman)
God of Strength, son of Pallas-
Goddess of Force, daughter of Pallas-
God of Zeal, son of Pallas-
The Implacable; the Fury who punishes moral crimes-
The Avenger; the Fury who punishes murderers-
The Jealous; the Fury who punishes adulterers and other dishonest crimes-
Goddess of witchcraft and magicTrivia (Roman)
The 'Old Man of the Sea'-
Son of Poseidon, shown as a mermanPoseidon (father)
Wife of Poseidon-
Oceanid who nursed Hephaestus as a childOceanus/Tethys (parents)
An oceanid, mother of Atlas and PrometheusIapetus (husband)
The Spinner, the Fate who spun the thread of lifeNona (Roman)
The Apportioner, the Fate who assigned destinies at birthDecima (Roman)
The Inexorable, the Fate who cut the thread of life at deathMorta (Roman)

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