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Major defeat of the Alemanni by the Franks under Clovis I, after which he consented to be baptized and France became a Christian kingdom485 or 486 (date uncertain)
This major battle, fought in western France, saw the defeat of invading Muslims (through Spain) by Frankish and Burgundian forcesOctober 10, 732
Led by Count Eudes (Odo), the Franks were able to end this event, fought against the VikingsNovember 25, 885 - October 886 (exact date uncertain)
Major battle against the Angevin king of England and his allies in which Philippe Auguste won gain control over the provinces of Anjou, Brittany, Maine, Normandy, and TouraineJuly 27, 1214
Battle which took place in the area surrounding a bridge over the Charente river, between Saint Louis and rebellious Poitevin forces under the King of England. July 21, 1242
Major battle between the French, under Philippe IV, and the Flemish; while Flanders gained its own independence, the region around Lille and Calais became part of FranceAugust 18, 1304
Victory over a peasant uprising in Flanders, fought near present-day DunkirkAugust 23, 1328
French victory over the Kingdom of Navarre, fought over the inheritance of the Duke of BurgundyMay 16, 1364
A longterm battle over a major city in France during the Hundred Years War, ended when Joan of Arc defeated the EnglishOctober 12, 1428 - May 8, 1429
The last battle fought between the French and the English during the Hundred Years War; after this battle, the English lost nearly all of their territory in FranceJuly 17, 1453
Capture of a major Italian kingdom by Charles VIII, encouraged by the Duke of MilanFebruary 22, 1495
Victory of the French over the thought-invincible Swiss army in northern ItalySeptember 13 - 14, 1515
French capture of the last English-held city in France by the Duke of GuiseJanuary 1, 1558
Major victory over the Spanish forces in the Low Countries, which provided important propaganda for Cardinal Mazarin and his ministersMay 19, 1643
Last major battle of the Thirty Years War, the Prince de Condé led the French to defeat the Spanish near CalaisAugust 20, 1648
Defeat of the Spanish and English Royalist forces in the concurrent Anglo-Spanish and Franco-Spanish warsJune 14, 1658
Recapture during the Franco-Spanish War of this city taken by the Spanish nearly 100 years priorMarch 17, 1677
Defeat of the Spanish and Savoyard forces near Turin during the Nine Years WarOctober 4, 1693
Major victory by the combined French and Spanish forces under the Duc de Vendôme over Austria and its allies during the War of the Spanish SuccessionDecember 10, 1710
Major victory of the French over the Dutch and Austrian forces (during the War of the Spanish Succession) in the Nord region of France, allowing them to recover many lost townsJuly 24, 1712
Victory of the French forces under the Maréchal de Saxe over the Dutch, Austrians, and English (during the War of Austrian Succession)May 11, 1745
The last major land battle of the American Revolutionary War; American and French forces led by Washington and Rochambeau defeated Cornwallis, leading to British surrenderSeptember 28 - October 19, 1781
Major defeat of the Dutch and English during the invasion of the Netherlands of the War of the Austrian SuccessionJuly 2, 1747
Napoleon's greatest victory at the time, it led to French occupation of northern Italy. A major street in Paris is named for this battle.January 14 - 15, 1797
Defeat here forced the Russians to withdraw from the War of the Second Coalition, saving France from an otherwise inevitable invasionSeptember 25 - 26, 1799
Fought near Munich, this battle was a great defeat of the Austrians and Prussians and effectively ended the War of the Second CoalitionDecember3, 1800
Known as Napoleon's greatest victory, this battle was a major defeat of the Austrians and effectively ended Habsburg control in Europe, and ended the War of the Third CoalitionDecember 2, 1805
A major defeat of the Prussians during the War of the Fourth CoalitionOctober 14, 1806
Decisive battle against the Russian forces in what is now Kaliningrad, effectively ending the War of the Fourth CoalitionJune 14, 1807
Major defeat of the Austrian Empire during the War of the Fifth CoalitionJuly 5 - 6, 1809

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