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Forced Order
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DescriptionNameOther information
Heavily stratified Core planet where the crew meets Badger several times and Inara attends a ballFeatured in multiple episodes, most notably 'Serenity' and 'Shindig'
Location of Serenity Valley, the last major battle of the Unification WarA moon of the protostar Murphy, it was a major stronghold of the Browncoats. Featured primarily in flashbacks in Firefly
Most of the people on this planet suffer from a bizarre disease known as Bowden's MaladyFeatured in 'The Train Job'
The protostar that lies beyond Reaver territory, orbited by the moon where they originatedGenerally referred to (in the movie) in terms of its 'quadrant'
Originally cited as the destination of Serenity after picking up the Tams, Book, and DobsonMentioned in 'Serenity'
Home primarily to mud farmers, to whom Jayne is a hero. Run by a magistrate who hires Inara to bed his son; featured in 'Jaynestown'
An uncivilized planet, mostly run by PatienceFeatured in 'Serenity'
Only briefly seen, Mal and Jayne fight some slavers hereFeatured (briefly) in 'Shindig'
Wealthy Core planet where Simon Tam attended medical schoolFeatured mostly in flashbacks, in the episode 'Safe'
Moon where Mal gets married to SaffronFeatured in 'Our Mrs Reynolds'
A wealthy Core planet known for its estates, which hover over its collosal seaFeatured in 'Trash'
The farthest out of the main suns of the 'Verse, one of two (with Kalidasa) whose orbit forms the Rim planetsOfficially 34Tauri (2020) E
Mal's homeworld, once an Independent stronghold, now uninhabitableMentioned to Saffron in 'Our Mrs Reynolds'
An icy planet where Mal and Zoe's friend Tracey's parents live, where he wants his body shipped to.Featured in 'The Message'
Settlers to outer planets leave from this Core planetMentioned as the origin of the dead settlers in 'Bushwhacked'
Planet whose economy is mostly based on fishing, mentioned as a possibility at which Inara might leave Serenity'...unless you've got the overwhelming urge to gut sturgeon, and who hasn't occasionally?'
One of the capitals of the 'Verse, settled mostly by American and western EuropeansMal would love to be king of this planet and wear a shiny hat
Inara's homeworld and the other capital of the 'Verse, populated mostly by eastern AsiansThe great city is, according to Inara, 'like an ocean of light'
Rim moon where the crew robs an Alliance-sponsored security firm's payroll, only to be interrupted by ReaversGets its name from its appearance from space; featured in Serenity (movie)
Planet where the crew of Serenity discovers River's Alliance-conditioned fighting abilities Featured primarily in Serenity (movie); the name, roughly translated from French, means 'beautiful world'
Rim moon where the Alliance experimented with mind control, inadvertently creating the ReaversThe secret of this planet is what drove River Tam insane; featured in Serentity (movie)
A Core planet, home of Saint Lucy's Hospital, where Simon and River are almost captured by the Blue HandsMost of the action of an entire episode takes place on this planet.
Small moon of Deadwood, a Rim planet, where Shepherd Book sets up camp.Featured in Serenity (movie)
The main sun of the 'Verse, around which the other four and all planets rotateOfficially referred to as 34Tauri (2020) A, it is 2.5 times bigger than our Sun and 80 times brighter
Simon and River are kidnapped by a small settlement of religious fanatics during an attempt to sell a herd of cattleFeatured in 'Safe'

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