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Notable for its horseshoe arches, domes, and distinctive decorative tileworkThe Alhambra, Granada, Spain
A subset of Classical architecture, including the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian ordersThe Parthenon, Athens, Greece
A subset of Classical architecture, notable for its use of domes, arches, and concreteThe Colosseum, Rome, Italy
Known for its broad staircases, terraces, and wide, square archesPersepolis, southwestern Iran
Known for domes and minaretsHagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey
From the Eastern Roman Empire, characterized by wide barrel arches and vaulting and ornate mosaicSant'Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna, Italy
The style of medieval Europe, notable for its semicircular arches, heavy stone walls, and small windowsCathedral of Trier, Germany
A sub-style of medieval European architecture which originated in northern France and EnglandTower of London (White Tower), London, UK
A style which originated in France, notable for its pointed (lancet) arches, flying buttresses, and ribbed vaultingCathedral of Notre Dame, Paris, France
Very ornate, distinctly Portuguese style, combining several southern-European stylesTower of BĂ©lem, Lisbon, Portugal
Return to pre-medieval style; characterized by order and symmetry in arragements of columns, arches, and domesBasilica di San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy
Based on the works of a 16-century Venetian architect, it enjoyed a revival in the 18th century in the new United StatesMonticello, Charlottesville, Virginia
Most characteristic of this style is decorative half-timbering, steep roofs, and decorative chimneysHampton Court Palace, Greater London, UK
Notable for gambrel roofs and wide, symmetrical windows; most famous in the United StatesThe Amityville Horror house (New York)
Characterized by large windows, Mansard roofs, and ornate decorationChateau of Versailles, near Paris, France
Also very ornate, this style reached near-fantastical levels in decorationCatherine's Palace, near St Petersburg, Russia
An emphasis on symmetry, as well as embracing the walls rather than attempting to make them fade away Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain
A French style with conservative, symmetrical architectural elements and ornate decoration, especially statuaryPalais Garnier, Paris, France
Style in England and its colonies in the 18th century; most famously in red brick with white accentsWestover Plantation, near Williamsburg, Virginia
Notable style of the United States in its early years; largely symmetrical and rather austereOld Derby Academy, Hilham, Massachusetts
An elegant French style that flourished under NapoleonThe Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France
19th century style, featuring wraparound porches, steep roofs, and heavily decorative carvingsThe 'Painted Ladies', San Francisco, California
A style based on the revival of Italian trends, mostly in the UKCliveden, Buckinghamshire, UK
Rugged, rustic style of the northern United States, notably using cut stone and bare logsCamp Topridge, upstate New York
A style based on the architecture of Spanish priests in California, notable for its clay roof tiles and stucco wallsSeveral buildings along El Camino Real in California
Parabolas and hyperbolas in architecture, with plant-like decorative elementsThe original MĂ©tropolitain stations in Paris, France
Style made popular by Frank Lloyd Wright, meant to harmonize with the surroundingsFallingwater, Mill Run, Pennsylvania
An American style characterized by low roofs, tapering square columns, and hand-cut stoneHyland Hotel, Monticello, Utah
A modern style, started in Germany, characterized by stark geometric shapesSchools of the same name in Berlin, Weimar, and Dessau, Germany
A modern style characterized by rough, stark shapes which emphasize the building materials, usually wood, steel, and concreteBoston City Hall, Boston, Massachusetts

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