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Can you name the US Senators - 38th Congress?

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StateName of SenatorSenior/Junior Senator
CaliforniaSenior Senator
CaliforniaJunior Senator
ConnecticutSenior Senator
ConnecticutJunior Senator
DelawareSenior Senator
After the death of Delaware's Senior Senator this man replaced him
DelawareJunior Senator
IllinoisSenior Senator
IllinoisJunior Senator
IndianaSenior Senator
IndianaJunior Senator
IowaSenior Senator
IowaJunior Senator
KansasSenior Senator
KansasJunior Senator
KentuckySenior Senator
KentuckyJunior Senator
MaineSenior Senator
This man replaced the Senior Senator from Maine
MaineJunior Senator
MarylandSenior Senator
MarylandJunior Senator
MassachusettsSenior Senator
MassachusettsJunior Senator
MichiganSenior Senator
MichiganJunior Senator
MinnesotaSenior Senator
Minnesota Junior Senator
StateName of SenatorSenior/Junior Senator
MissouriSenior Senator
MissouriJunior Senator
This man was elected to replace the Junior Senator from Missouri
NevadaSenior Senator
NevadaJunior Senator
New HampshireSenior Senator
New HampshireJunior Senator
New JerseySenior Senator
New JerseyJunior Senator
New YorkSenior Senator
New YorkJunior Senator
Ohio Senior Senator
Ohio Junior Senator
Oregon Senior Senator
OregonJunior Senator
PennsylvaniaSenior Senator
PennsylvaniaJunior Senator
Rhode IslandSenior Senator
Rhode IslandJunior Senator
VermontSenior Senator
VermontJunior Senator
VirginiaSenior Senator
Virginia Junior Senator
West VirginiaSenior Senator
West Virginia Junior Senator
Wisconsin Senior Senator
WisconsinJunior Senator

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