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Edith Wharton was the first woman to win the ________
In the end of Roman Fever, we find out that Grace committed _________.
Mrs. Slade lured Grace to the Colosseum with a _______.
Mrs. Slade's red silk knitting is a symbol of _______.
the 20th Century is also known as the _________ era.
The new, non-traditional, fragmented art of the 20th Century is known as ______.
America was able to produce _______ at the same caliber as Europe ________ during the 20th Century.
The music of the African Americans is know as _______.
The rise of African American literature and culture is know as the ________.
Literature and art was pushed aside because of the ________.
The depression ended with _____.
Who wrote Richard Cory, Miniver Cheevy, and Mr. Flood's Party?
In Richard Cory, Cory seems to be the ______ of the town.
Though Cory seems to be the most wealthy and proper citizen of the town, he goes home one night to_______.
Miniver Cheevy is perpetually _______.
Miniver blamed his lack of fulfillment on his ______ into the wrong century.
Mr. Flood is very _____ while talking to himself and looking upon the town.
The main theme in Mr. Flood's Party is _______.
Gertrude Stein was a Jewish ______.
Stein's stories were mostly about women who cannot control their own _____.
Stein is know to use _______ to show what is beneath the surface.
In The Gentle Lena, Lena is brought from _______ to live with her aunt.
Lena's aunt thought that it was time for Lena to ______.
Lena's aunt decided that _______ was the best match for her.
Herman was known for hanging out with only _____.
Herman _____ on his wedding day.
Herman was more of a ______ than Lena.
Lena's _____ were ashamed of her.
When Lena died, Herman did not ______ her death.
The Gentle Lena is seen as a ______ tale.
Who wrote The Road Not Taken?
In The Road Not Taken, the man chooses to take the road ______ traveled.
The roads are a symbol of ____ experiences.
In Mending Wall, the neighbors ______ the wall every year.
In Fire and Ice, the fire represents ______.
In Fire and Ice, the ice represents ______.
In Stopping by Woods, the narrator realizes that he still has _____ left to do in life.
In Stanburg's Fog, the fog is compared to the silence of a ____.
Ezra Pound compares petals on a tree to the ______.
William Carlos Williams' The Red Wheelbarrow shows us how much we _______ the little things in life.
Who wrote I,Too and was the leader of the Harlem Renaissance?
I,Too is a poem about having a _____ view of the future for African Americans.
Harlem, by Langston Hughes, is a poem oppressed ______.
Who wrote The Great Gatsby?
A major theme in his literature is people's fascination with _______.
In order to fight his wimpy image, Fitzgerald played ______ for Princeton University.
Fitzgerald was already an ______ when he entered college.
He married an upper-class southern woman named ______.
Fitzgerald said that ____ is in every one of his books.
Both Fitzgerald and his wife committed ________.
Fitzgerald's wife wanted their daughter to be a beautiful little _____.
Hemingway was incredibly ______ to Fitzgerald.
Nick is the _____ of The Great Gatsby.
In the beginning, Nick shares his dad's advice to not ______ people.
In The Great Gatsby, the Midwest represents ______.
Nick's 30th birthday represents his arrival at ________.
In the end, Nick judges everyone except _______.
The _____ light on Daisy's dock represents money, jealousy, and the rebirth of Gatsby and Daisy's relationship.
Daisy and Jordan always wear _____ dresses, symbolizing their almost see through characters.
Gatsby's _______ car is the one that killed Myrtle, and also represents wealth.
In TGG cars are a symbol of ______.
Gatsby is the _____ character, meaning he does not change or develop.
Gatsby shows off his ______ to Daisy to show his wealth.
Tom, _____, and Jordan are careless people.
Jordan's significance in the story is to bring ______ to the right place at the right time.
____ and Daisy stay together, though they cause each other and other people problems.
Who owned the yacht that Gatsby worked on where he learned how to interact with the wealthy crowd?
The weather in the story plays a major role in that the intense ______ is a symbol of tension and passionate feelings.
One of the major conflicts in Gatsby is between old _____ and new _____.
Which writer finished Harvard in 3 years?
In The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, Prufrock is ______ in society.-- a reference to Dante's Inferno.
Women come and go talking of ________.
He is surrounded by ______ people.
Love Song is a study of the modern _____.
Prufrock seems to be ______ in a crowd.
Prufrock obsesses over small ______ instead of the big ones.
The ideal reader of Love Song is someone who is also ______.
E. E. Cummings was very ____-war, yet he drove a war ambulence.
Cummings was known to experiment with _______ techniques.
The goat-footed man in In Just represents a _______, or the mischievous, mythological animal.
The combined names in In Just represent _____.
The balloon man becomes ______ threatening as the poem progresses.
Because Zora Hurston grew up in an all black town in Florida, she was never introduced to ______ until she was sent to live with relatives after her mother died.
Hurston's most famous work is Their Eyes Were Watching _____.
Hurston was more interested in human _______ than the color of one's skin.
In John Redding Goes to Sea, John is a boy with a _____ of going to sea that is fulfilled, though not in the way he intended.
John's mother blamed a _____ for John's oddities.
The tangled boat in John Redding symbolizes John's actual entanglement in ______.
John's mother makes him feel ______ about his dreams.
When John dies, his mother is not fully convinced until she sees the ______, the omen of death.
Hemingway's mother dressed him as a _____.
Hemingway had ____ wives.
_______ ran in Hemingway's family, which gives reason to his death.
In A Clean, Well Lighted Place, the _____ waiter is more sympathetic towards the old man.
The old man is ____.
In A Clean, Well Lighted Place, the light represents ______.
In A Clean, Well Lighted Place, the dark represents _______.
William Faulkner wanted to be an Air-force _____ for the US but was too short?
One of Faulkner's famous short stories is entitled A ____ for Emily.
In Faulkner's works, the African American characters are ______.
In Barn Burning, Abner Snopes sets something on ____ when he feels oppressed or wronged by someone.
At the court, they choose not to call Sarty to the stand because they know if he turns his father in, he will be ______.
In order to get revenge, Abner tracks ____ all over the rug of the wealthy familly's house.
The only good thing that Sarty sees in his father is that he was a ______.
In the end, Sarty tells the family that his father intends to set another fire. Then Sarty takes off into the _____, where the story ends.
Barn Burning is a coming of _____ story.
Steinbeck's earliest work was his _____.
In The Chrysanthemums, Elisa is a woman trapped by her _____.
Her chrysanthemums represent the women during that time in that they have no _______.
Elisa treats the chrysanthemums like ______.
A _____ man comes by and is looking for work. When he realizes that she has none, he acts interested in her flowers.
Elisa ____s the attention and when she acts interested in the man, he feels uncomfortable and leaves.
Elisa realizes that she has crossed the line and runs inside to ______.
She punishes herself with a _______ to cleanse herself.
When her husband arrives home, she acts interested in what he likes to try to be ______ to him , instead of one of his 'things'.
The Fog in the beginning of the story is a ______ that keeps Elisa in her place.
The story shows that Elisa loves her husband but wants ______.

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