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What is the name of Germany's expressway system?
This Swedish city is where Volvo is headquartered.
The Richmond-San Rafael Bridge spans which body of water?
Castries is the capital of what country?
It's not my Kansas, it's...
The TV show 'The Voice: Arab World' is shot in which Lebanese city?
Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot in which city?
In the 90's, this country moved it's capital from Almaty to Astana.
What is the term for a body of water surrounded by an atoll?
Theodore Roosevelt oversaw the construction of what canal?
Suomi is the word for what country?
Sagrada Familia is a famous cathedral in what Spanish city?
This popular baby's name is also a Middle Eastern country.
Brazil is divided into how many states?
The Rose Bowl is played in what town?
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This South American country jumped 9 spots in the FIFA 2017, Month 3 rankings.
The US Department of State recognizes this country as the Holy See.
What is the capital of Scotland?
What is Micronesia's internet domain name?
In the US, auxiliary interstates have how many digits?
The Angels and the Ducks play in this Californian city.
In Pittsburgh, PA, what interstate is locally called Parkway East?
What is the reef that holds the Great Blue Hole off the coast of Belize?
What is the largest domain in France that's not the mainland or Corsica?
What is the longest river in the United States?
Examples of this quirk in a border are found in Oklahoma and Florida.
These islands in the Bering Strait are only 4 miles apart, yet one is one day behind the other.
This sliver of unclaimed land on Antarctica is known by what name?
What is the largest lake in Ethiopia?
What is the most famous country on Sporcle?

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