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Can you name the random characters from SpongeBob?

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The people who were thought to be Patrick's parents but actually weren't.
Squidwards purebread snail that he enters in the snail race.
The Surfer Dude
SpongeBob's cousin who couldnt do anything right.
He shows up in most of the Spongebob episodes but he rarely speaks. He's only spoken a few times in the show. He is also a bartender.
The assassin hired to take out SpongeBob and Patrick
The original fry cook at the Krusty Krab.
SpongeBob's puppet.
Mr. Krabs' grandfather.
A bully who went to community college with patrick.
Sings the SpongeBob theme song.
A surfer who refers to be called JKL, who helps SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward get home by teaching them how to surf.
SpongeBob and Patrick tried to sell chocolate to her and her mother.
Had a huge dance party at SpongeBob's house. Shouln't be a house pet.
SpongeBob's friend that he created on Leif Ericson Day.
SpongeBob's other cousin who just got out of jail.
Hangs out at Muscle Beach. He's a whale.

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