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Remember the first time we met, you was at the mall with your friend, I was scared to approach ya but then ya came closer hopin you would give me a chance
When I see you i run out of words to say, I wouldn't leave you cause your that type of girl to make me stay
Well if your plane fell out of the skies, who would you call with your last goodbye?
Cause I get a thousand hugs, from ten thousand lightning bugs, as they try to teach me how to dance
Lights is blinding, girls need blinders so they can step out of bounce quick, the side lines is blind with casualties
I've been thinkin about you, and how we used to be then back then it didn't have to end
Pocket full of money, club don't jump till i walk inside the doorway bottles of dat rose smellin like doice and gabbana
If you fall for me, I'm not that easy to please, Imma tear you apart, told you from the start baby from the start
Beautiful girls all over the world, i could be chasin' but my time would be wasted, they got [song title] baby.
Hint SongArtist
What am i supposed to do when the best part of me was always you? What am i supposed to say when i'm all choked up and your ok?
I'm on a [song title] and i know, everything that shine ain't always gonna b gold. I'll be fine once i get it, i'll be good.
Just in time, i'm so glad you hav a one-track mind like me, you gave my life direction a game show love connection, we can't deny.
Stop callin' stop callin' I don't wanna think anymore, I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.
Number one, I take two number threes, thats a whole lotta you and a side of me, now is it full of my self to want you full of me?
I'm not suprised, not everything lasts, I've broken my heart so many times, i stopped keeping track
Just paint the picture, of the perfect place, they've got it better than what anyones told ya.
Just leave with me now say the word and we'll go, I'll be your teacher I'll show you the ropes, you'll see a side of love you never known
[song title] the whole, reason why you wanna come to the show. You can see what i'm rockin and i'm pickin out a golden

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