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Peter poked holes in what animal's back so it could breath?
According to Peter, a moustache is practically like a what?
When Stewie was living with Brian and Jillian, what couldn't he find in the cupboard?
What famous singer sang to Quagmire?
What was the name of the song Stewie wrote for Susie Swanson?
Peter dressed up as _______ the bulging vampire.
When Stewie was left home alone, what did he drink?
What was the name of Peter's parrot?
According to Stewie, what phase of Peter's is more discusting than formula milk?
Adam West enjoy's his job more than what?
What did Peter use to sell at baseball games?
How does a hispanic maid address her employer if his name is John Sullivan?
Where was the executive bathroom located?
What was the name of the night club Stewie made?
What was the name of Quagmire's cat?
What is the name Meg's boyfriend who was in jail?
When Jesus eats dinner with the Griffins, what does he change all the food into?

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