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Has a huge underbite.
Joe and Bonnie's daughter.
They had to try to catch him at Peter's office party.
Has a friend named Jeffery, and he always says Oh Noooo!
One of Stewie's desguises. He dresses up as her to make Jillian jealous.
Lois' arch-rival piano teacher in Quahog.
He once saved Peter's life.
A local bully who once stole Stewie's tricyle.
Often seen around Quahog, he is unfortunate enough to have encountered Peter on several occasions. He still lives with his mom, and Stewie is his number one fan.
She is English, Stewie tried to fix how she talked.
An Englishmen who for a short while bought the Drunken Clam off Horace and turned it into a British pub. He also attempted to seduce Lois.
Always kills the life of the party. No one likes him.
This local fisherman attempted to get rid of Peter when he tried to enter the fishing industry in fear of further competition.
Quagmire's wife who is now dead.
Hired by the Griffins to babysit Stewie, Stewie ends up killing her boyfriend.
Patrick's girlfriend who is imaginary. Patrick is Lois' brother
A local accountant who once helped out Peter get some money back from Quahog's local con man. He is also a Jew.
Quahog's local con man.
One of Peter`s black ancestors. According to the records of the Pewterschmidt family, he was one of their slaves.
The mysterious owner of the Pawtucket Patriot Brewery in Quahog.
Chris' first girlfriend, although Chris originally mistook her for a boy.

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