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QUIZ: Can you name the Archaelogy Sites in Human Evolution?

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ceprano is in
hominids at senga 5, A.L. 666-1, lokalalei and gona valley were all
Germany, 400k
boxgrove was dated using
only and first evidence of mode 2 tools in china
only site to produce homo habilis with stone tools
evidence that early hominids were moving into colder climates is also called
famous archeoligist at trinil
Aridos and Torralba/Ambrona
460-230k china
tajikstan, 850k
eugene dubois found this at trinil
1st individual with handaxe found at
500k britain
archaic homo sapien found at boxgrove
evidence of ice age behavior
bose valley is in
earliest handaxes
at the same time, what site had a different hominid at the same time as in atapuerca?
stratified finds of homo habilis and homo erectus
senga 5A, gona valley, lokalalei and A.L. 666-1 all have this in common
What site is in Germany?
900k java
780k isreal
early movement out of africa
represents early movement out of africa
500k is what type of period
800k italy
terra amata is in
shows sites out in open, not in caves
nariokotome is in
Spears and hunting weapons were found preserved where?
1.6 mys east africa west turkana
relitively complete type specimen for homo ergaster
remains of homo antecessor found
2.3mya kenya
best collection of homo erectus
boxgrove is in
earliest evidence of structures
1.4mya isreal
3 sites using mammalian biostratigraphy
isernia is in
early use of mediterainian environment
gesher benot ya'qov is in
300k france
500k, italy
evidence of foods common today
individual hunts
1.7mya georgia caucasus mts
evidence that eearly hominids were moving into colder climates
What hominins were found at Aridos?
koobi fora is dated
konso-gardula is in
rare find of homo erectus in europe
koobi fora is in
what kind of hunting at torralba/ambrona?
2-1mya east africa
set time frame for tools
what kind of homminins found at torralba/ambrona?
Spain, 350 K
gesher benot ya'qov is a
hunting site around swamp
isernia was dated using
evidence of fire, hunting and canabalism found at
2.2-2.4mya congo
earliest mode 2 tools found here
earliest site outside africa with home ergaster remains
earliest stone tool production
dmanisi is in
2.5 mya ethiopia
2.23mya ethiopia
best known homo erectus site
china, 800k

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