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Can you name the Green Run A-Z?

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The lightning man (TranZit)A
Main way of Transportation (TranZit)B
In between Farm and Power StationC
Name ONE of the following: 1.Perk in Shed at Bus Stop #3 2.Creatures that jump on your head while in the fog (TranZit)D
New Tactical grenade in the Mystery BoxE
Pistol in the mystery box that has a dual wield form as wellF
Can be found on top of the Diner in TranZit, can be found at the bottom of the stairs in the bar in town, and can be found in the back of the barn in FarmG
Where the Bowie Knife is (TranZit)H
A drop with a red version (TranZit)I
Perk in the town one story above rare book storeJ
Fully Automatic Pistol in the Mystery BoxK
You must use the green _______ to teleport (TranZit)L
Tactical grenade in the mystery boxM
Hidden building and was a World at War Zombies Map (TranZit)N
Where the Navcard reader is built (TranZit)O
In the lava (Town)P
Perk at the Bus Depot (TranZit only)Q
The place to store your weaponR
Name ONE of the following: 1.Perk in the bar (TranZit only) 2.Perk in the DinerS
Name ONE of the following: 1.The new perk 2. Buildable in the Bus Depot (Tranzit)T
Fill in the missing word of the bus driver quote: 'It is ______ to distract the driver while the bus is moving.' (TranZit)U
Points can be stored in a bank _______ (TranZit)V
New grenade launcher in the Mystery BoxW
Complete the word: Porter's _ _ (2 letters) Ray GunX
The eyes of the zombies are no longer______Y
Buildable in the Repair ShopZ

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