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The 'Mona Lisa' was painted by who?
The 'Statue of David' was sculpted by who in 1504?
In what state of Germany did Luther publish his 95 theses?
What country gained independence from the Kalmar Union in 1523?
Who was the longest reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire who died in 1566?
Karl V succeeded who to the throne of the Holy Roman Empire?
Who was Ferdinand Magellan's second-in-command who completed the first circumnavigation of the globe?
The 'Fall of Tenochtitlan' in 1521 was instigated by what conquistador?
When did the Eighty Years War start?
What European capital was sacked in 1527 by the Holy Roman Empire?
What Empire was founded in 1526 and ruled much of the Indian Subcontinent?
Who was the founder of the Safavid Empire in Iran?
In what Spanish city did Christopher Columbus die in 1506?
What famous scientist published 'De revolutionibus orbium coelestium' in 1543?
Who wrote 'The Prince', a treatise on political philosophy in 1532 published 5 years after the author's death?
Who was the first European to cross the Isthmus of Panama?
Two brothers; Atahualpa and Huascar fought in a Civil War for the succession of what Empire?
What explorer of Breton origin claimed Canada for France while also mapping the Gulf of St. Lawrence?
Where did the 'Battle of the Shirt's' take place?
Who was the Grand Prince of Moscow from 1533 and nicknamed 'the Terrible'?
In which country was the 1556 Shaanxi Earthquake which killed an estimated 850,000 people?
Macau was colonized by who in 1553?
Which country was the first ever to declare bankruptcy?
What were French Protestants known as?
Galileo Galilei and William Shakespeare were born on the same year, what was it?
Who was famously imprisoned by Elizabeth I of England in 1567?
The 'Union of Lublin' was the union between Poland and what other country?
What Englishman circumnavigated the globe between 1577-1580?
The 'Iberian Union' merged Portugal and Spain under what monarch?
What Pope issued the Gregorian Calendar in 1582?
Who was the leader of the Protestant Reformation in Scotland?
Who was the leader of the Protestant Reformation in Switzerland?
Who was Henry VIII's 5th wife?
In what year did Henry VIII die with the heir as Edward VI?
In what country was the St. Bartholemew's Day Massacre, which killed and displaced tens of thousands of Protestants?
What English Monarch was known as 'Good Queen Bess'?
What English Monarch was known as the 'Nine-Days Queen'?
What English monarch earned the nickname of 'Bloody'?
With what Act did Henry VIII declare himself head of the Church of England?
Who was the only illegitimate child acknowledged by Henry VIII?
Who was the founder of the 'Society of Jesus'?
Who restored Swedish sovereignty while also introducing Protestantism?
What Portuguese sailor was the first to sail around the Cape of Good Hope?
What German artist is known for painting 'Knight, Death and the Devil', 'Saint Jerome in his study', and 'Melancolia I'?
What mathematical symbol was introduced in 1525 by Christoph Rudolff?
Who invented the Thermometer in 1593?
Who invented the flush toilet, the design published under the title 'The Metamorphosis of Ajax' in 1591?
What letter was introduced to the English language in the 16th century?
The Counter-Reformation started during what ecumenical council?
What Empire was defeated at the Battle of Jenné in 1599?
What was the name of the Chinese dynasty during the 16th century?
Who was the first Queen of Spain to rule over both the Crown of Castile and Crown of Aragon and also daughter of Ferdinand II?
What variety of Protestants rejected conventional Christian practices while adhering to a literal interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount?
What country was invaded by Crimean Khanate Tatars in 1506?
The Mamluk Sultanate ceased to exist in 1517, what country did they rule?
What Empire captured Baghdad in 1534?
Nostradamus wrote 'Les Propheties', what was his first name?
Barbary pirates invaded and raided Provence and Toulon in 1519, who led them?
Buenos Aires was founded by what European?
Where was Sir Francis Bacon born?
When did the English repulse the Spanish Armada?
The 'Long War' took place between the Ottoman Empire and what other dynasty?
What French philosopher is said to be the 'Father of Analytic Geometry'?
What edict ended the French Wars of Religion (1562-1598)?
What Swiss Renaissance physician is famous for giving Zinc its name while also regarded as the first systematic botanist?
What European explorer discovered the Mississippi River?
What Renaissance painter's surname was 'Sanzio da Urbino' whose work includes 'The School of Athens'?
Which writer wrote 'Titus Andronicus', 'Troilus and Cressida', and 'Cymbeline'?
What modern day country was Johannes Kepler from who was born in 1571?
What leader in Europe abdicated the throne on Tuesday, 25th October 1555?

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