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The Rolling Stones' '___th Nervous Breakdown' plus Eddie Money's '___ Tickets to Paradise'
Square root of The Beatles' 'When I'm ___'
Number of 'Neighborhood' songs on The Arcade Fire's album 'Funeral' times the number of kettles on one of those songs
? and the Mysterians' '___ Tears' minus Green Day's '___ Guns'
'I'm Not in Love' band ___cc times 'These are Days' band ___ Maniacs
R.E.M.'s 'Pop Song ___' minus R.E.M.'s 'Driver ___'
Average age of the ladies in The Beatles' 'I Saw Her Standing There' and Steely Dan's 'Hey ___'
Tool's '___ and 2' minus A Perfect Circle's '___ Libras'
Van Halen album '___' featuring 'Jump' and 'Panama' plus The Decemberists' '___ Military Wives'
Sublime's '___ Oz. to Freedom' minus Humble Pie's '___ Days in the Hole'
Grizzly Bear's '___ Weeks' minus The Barenaked Ladies' '___ Week'
Traffic's '___ Headmen' divided by David Bowie's '___ Years'
Radiohead's '2 + 2 = ___' times Badly Drawn Boy's album 'One Plus One Is ___'
Paul Simon's '___ Ways to Leave Your Lover' minus Crosby, Stills and Nash's '___ Bye-Byes'
Led Zeppelin's '___ Sticks' times the sum of the numbers in Chicago's '___ or ___ to ___'
The James Gang's 'Funk #___' minus Jethro Tull's 'Hymn ___'
Pearl Jam's debut album '___' times Blur's 'Song ___'
Rush's multi-part '___' minus Yeasayer's '___' (from the album 'All Hour Cymbals')
Bob Dylan's album 'Highway ___ Revisited' plus The Doors' '___ to One'
The product of '___', '___', and '___', the three songs on The Smashing Pumpkins' 'Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness' all named after numbers

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