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Can you name the missing NHL team for the following players??

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Wayne GretzkyOilers, Kings, _________, Rangers
Gordie HoweRed Wings, _________
Brett HullFlames, Blues, Stars, Red Wings, _________
Mark MessierOilers, Rangers, _________, Rangers
Brian LeetchRangers, _________, Bruins
Eric LindrosFlyers, Rangers, Maple Leafs, _________
Bernie NichollsKings, Rangers, Oilers, Devils, Blackhawks, _________
Jeremy RoenickBlackhawks, Coyotes, Flyers, _________, Coyotes, Sharks
Grant FuhrOilers, Maple Leafs, Sabres, Kings, Blues, _________
Bernie Parent_________, Flyers, Maple Leafs, Flyers
Sergei FedorovRed Wings, Mighty Ducks, _________, Capitals
Chris CheliosCanadiens, Blackhawks, Red Wings, _________
Dale HawerchukJets, Sabres, Blues, _________
Tony Esposito_________, Blackhawks
Owen NolanNordiques/Avalanche, Sharks, Maple Leafs, Coyotes, Flames, _________
Bobby OrrBruins, _________
Peter ForsbergNordiques/Avalanche, Flyers, _________, Avalanche
Mike VernonFlames, Red Wings, Sharks, _________, Flames
Doug GilmourBlues, Flames, Maple Leafs, Devils, Blackhawks, _________, Canadiens, Maple Leafs
Dave AndreychukSabres, Maple Leafs, Devils, Bruins, _________, Sabres, Lightning
Dominik HasekBlackhawks, Sabres, Red Wings, _________, Red Wings
Ron HextallFlyers, Nordiques, _________, Flyers
Jaromir JagrPenguins, _________, Rangers
Jari KurriOilers, Kings, Rangers, _________, Avalanche
Vincent DamphousseMaple Leafs, _________, Canadiens, Sharks
Bernie FederkoBlues, _________
Markus Naslund_________, Canucks, Rangers
John VanbiesbrouckRangers, Panthers, Flyers, Islanders, _________
Gary RobertsFlames, Hurricanes, Maple Leafs, Panthers, Penguins, _________
Guy LafleurCanadiens, _________, Nordiques

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