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QUIZ: Can you name the movies we saw during our engagement (see How To Play)?

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Lots of animals. But the only weasel in the movie was sitting next to you24 Dec 1970
You've got time. Put in another shell22 Aug 1986
Earn more sessions by sleeving19 Jun 1987
I want him DEAD! I want his family DEAD! I want his house burned to the GROUND! I wanna go there in the middle of the night and I wanna whiz on his eggs!3 Jun 1987
Hi Felicia!12 Jun 1987
I'm just as God made me, Sir2 Mar 1984
Nobody leaves this place without singing the blues.1 Jul 1987
unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution by enforcement droids14 Jul 1987
The only biopic we saw that year24 Jul 1987
Best. Bond. Ever. (Ok, maybe we were in love.)31 Jul 1987
Meanwhile, Pierce Brosnan was in this movie with Michael Caine28 Aug 1987
So a geek, a nerd, and a priest go see this movie...5 Aug 1987
Robert Downey Jr and Molly Ringwald. Downey Jr sings ''Blue Suede Shoes''18 Sep 1987
Mmmmmm... rabbit stew18 Sep 1987
As you wish25 Sep 1987
Ok, we didn't see the WHOLE movie24 Mar 1972
Ducky goes back to high school6 Nov 1987
Kelly McGillis, Maureen Stapletoon, we saw Timothy Bottoms' hutton. (Wait. Reverse that last bit.)6 Nov 1987
Seriously? This went on to win Best Picture?19 Nov 1987
Appearances by Michael McKean, Kevin Bacon, and the secretary from Ferris Bueller25 Nov 1987
First movie we ever saw John Malkovich in. Ditto Christian Bale. Steven Spielberg. World War II. Boy soprano. Ah, forget it.09 Dec 1987
Why else would they call him Beef Breath?16 Dec 1987
I wanna be Italian!16 Dec 1987
Kurt Russell essentially rapes Goldie Hawn. But it's ok because they fall in love16 Dec 1987
Stood in the doorway with Jon and Cindy to watch18 Dec 1987
John Huston's last movie. A story from Dubliners by James Joyce.18 Dec 1987
Forest Whitaker. Bruno Kirby. Louis Armstrong sings What a Wonderful World23 Dec 1987
Barbra Streisand. Richard Dreyfuss. We saw it with Mark in... January? There was nothing else out. Aw...11 Dec 1987
Molly Ringwald: I'm pregnant. Can you pass the turnips?15 Jan 1988
Did you know Admiral Adama used to teach math?11 Mar 1988
Dennis Quaid. Meg Ryan in a Freudian slip. Also had Jane Kaczmarek, but we didn't know who that was.18 Mar 1988
Michael Keaton in Winona Ryder's voice: The man next to me is the one I want. You asked me, I'm answering. Yes, I love that man of mine.30 Mar 1988
What's-her-name at The Princeton Review--the one who got the I Love Cleavage cap--loved this movie. You may not even remember it. Peter Weller. Sam Elliott. Blue jeans cop6 May 1988
That hairdo was amazing3 June 1988
Not technically a movie since we didn't videotape or film it. Darn. If I recall, the visuals were spectacular.25 Jun 1988

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