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Can you name the 10 'old-fashioned' girl names that Parenting Magazine says are making a comeback?

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From 129 to 21 - Up 108Her Children's Hour comes round again. Maybe this kid can star in a remake of Birth of a Nation.
From 207 to 41 - Up 166Peggy Parish wrote kids' books about an overly literal maid with this name. One of the titles even told her to 'Come Back...' Well, here she is!
From 656 to 85 - Up 571Do you really want some method actor yelling her name at the top of his lungs?
From 185 to 96 - Up 89If the Bible's right, you know this kid will never be ruthless.
From 501 to 159 - Up 342Maybe she'll like playing with A Doll's House. But that could keep her Sleepless in Seattle.
From 354 to 167 - Up 187With some help from the Red Cross, she could become the new It Girl
From 422 to 172 - Up 250This girl went underground for a while. Now she's taken the pill that makes her larger.
From 893 to 262 - Up 631If you end up knowing two, you'll have to ask 'Which _____?' At least you can be sure she's a nut.
From 805 to 322 - Up 483The local barbershop quartet can sing her sweet name as they pine for her.
988 (in '07) to 546 - Up 442Ok, but don't expect Rudolph to make a comeback too.

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