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What is the address number of Leonard, Sheldon, and Penny's apartment building?
Bernadette is played by what actress?
According to Leonard in 'The Financial Permeability,' what superhero's action figure secretly holds cash?
What are the lyrics to 'Soft Kitty?'
What is Sheldon's IQ?
What instrument does Amy play?
What is the full name of the man who runs the comic book store?
What school did the above character graduate from?
What does SCRFLRRI stand for?
What is the answer to the final question of the Physics Bowl?
The character who provides the above answer is the janitor on which floor?
How much does the 'miniature' time machine cost?
What does Leonard claim will distract the astronomy department during paintball?
What must Raj paint on a figurine in the Cheesecake Factory's walk-in freezer to prepare for the Arctic?
What is Leonard and Sheldon's apartment number?
'A Homo habilis ___ ___ ___ ___ says what?'
What is the password that Sheldon hacks at the electrical store before Leonard's surprise birthday party?
When Howard first tells Penny how beautiful she is, what language does he speak in?
Who did Howard lose his virginity to?
What is Leonard's full name? (include middle name)

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