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Can you name the records set by non-human animals?

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Fastest Mammal (land)70 mph
Fastest Mammal (water)35mph
Fastest Bird (sky)200mph (in a dive)
Fastest Bird (land)45mph
Fastest Fish68mph
Loudest Animal (overall)188 decibels
Loudest Animal (land)88 decibels
Longest Migration22,000 miles round trip per year
Deadliest Animal1 million+ deaths per year
Most Venomous Animalenough venom to kill 60 humans
Most Poisonous Animalenought poison to kill 10-20 humans
Strongest Animal (in relation to body size)lifts 850 times its body weight
Longest Gestation19-22 months
Largest Animal (overall)80-90 feet
Largest Animal (land)12 feet tall; 13,000 lbs
Largest Invertebrate43 feet
Largest Invertebrate (land)2.5 feet
Largest Fish46 feet
Smallest Vertebrateless than 1cm
Smallest Bird2 grams
Smallest Mammal2 grams
Longest Lifespan (recorded)188 years
Deepest Living Animal5000+ meters deep

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