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Smallest, LargestGroupClassification
Baikal, Southern Elephant
Vaquita, Blue
Sun, Brown
Baluchistan Pygmy Jerboa, Capybera
Black-footed, Siberian Tiger
Buff-faced Pygmy, Hyacinth Macaw
Cotton pygmy, Canada
Patu digua, Giant Huntsman
Fennec, Grey Wolf
Pygmy Marmoset, Southern Muriqui
Smallest, LargestGroupClassification
Dwarf Lantern, Whale
Speckled Padlope, Asian softshell
Elf, Eurasian Eagle
Kitti's Hog-nosed, Giant Golden-crowned Flying-fox
Least Weasel, Giant Otter
Brazillian Gold, Goliath
Pea, Japanese Spider
Thread, Anaconda
Pudu, Moose
Little Blue, Emperor

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