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Arrangement of scenery and properties of setting-
Wagner's term for an adaptation 'given directly on screen'Eg. Pride & Prejudice
Genette's term describing the relationship of one text to an anterior text-
Genette's term describing 'the title chosen'-
A film which dramatises the life of an actual personProblems: Does not accurately tell life stories, and so alters history; focus on romance; 'Dumbing down' of source text
Genette's term describing 'quotation, plagarism, allusion'-
Images/symbolism in film associated with a person/subject-
A concept for approaching adaptation which describes looking at common features across the film and textProposed by Kamilla Elliott
Genette's term describing 'materials surrounding (a) fim text'-
A concept for approaching adaptation, describing an adaptation which 'outdoes' its source novelProposed by Kamilla Elliott
Representing an original type after which similar things are patterned-
Describes taking a literary genre and adapting it to screen-
A text which acknowledges itself as an adaptation, usually through verbal or visual mention-
A concept for approaching adaptation, descrining a film which 'brings a book to life'Proposed by Kamilla Elliott
A concept for approaching adaptation, describing a film which endeavours to capture an 'authorial spirit'Proposed by Kamilla Elliott
A concept for approaching adaptation, which regards an adaptation as 'propping up' a novelProposed by Kamilla Elliott
Wagner's term for an adaptation which is a 'considerable departure' from its source textEg. The Taming of the Shrew -> Ten Things I Hate About You
The theory and study of narrative; referring to the narrative-
Wagner's term for an adaptation where the original is alteredEg. Pride & Prejudice -> Bride & Prejudice
A textaul translation of a 'hypotext'-
Genette's term describing a text referencing itself-
A concept for approaching adaptation, describing a film making changes to its literary source for a new audienceProposed by Kamilla Elliott

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