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Won Nobel Prize for work on telomeres. Controversially dismissed from the President's Council on Bioethics due to her support for stem cell research.
World leading primatologist. First person to observe tool use in non-human animals during her studies of chimpanzees in Tanzania.
Nineteenth century French marine biologist. First person to experiment on animals in aquaria.
Developed theory on the origin of ekaryotic organelles. Her endosymbiotic theory, now generally accepted, was the subject of controversy for decades.
Nineteenth century palaeontologist. First person to discover complete Ichthyosaur skeleton.
Czech-American biochemist. Won Nobel Prize with her husband for the discovery of the mechanism of glycogen breakdown and resynthesis, a cycle now named after them.
Won Nobel Prize for discovery of transposons. Only woman to win unshared Nobel Prize in Medicine.
Advanced X-ray crystallography. Awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry for determining structure of vitamin B12; later determined the structure of insulin.
Won Nobel Prize with Stanley Cohen for discovery of nerve growth factor. Longest lived Nobel laureate in history.
Took X-ray crystallography images which allowed Watson and Crick to elucidate structure of DNA. Controversially excluded from 1962 Nobel Prize, though she was by then dead.

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