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In the beginning of CSGO, used to dominated the scene with 87 map wins in a row.
Their biggest rival wasthe french 'superteam' from Source, but even they could not beat them.
It was not until 2013 at Starladder wherethe 'russian superteam' beat the on Mirage.
At the first major they were favorites, butupset and beat them in the final to win the first Major.
Despite not making it to the playoffsmanaged to win the second major over the same team Fnatic beat in the previous major.
At the third major the team finally won, despite losing toin the opener.
A team that was a one point the best NA teamnever made it out of groups in majors.
They lost toat the Dreamhack winter 2014 major despite being up 13-2.
The Fourth major we also saw another NA team fail asfailed to keep their legends stage losing to Hellraisers in the opener
At the beginning of 2015 we saw the brazilian teamscraped money together to attend events.
At the fith major they managed to get top 8 beatingand Hellraisers to make to the playoffs
At the sixth major a hot favorite was the danishamongst other swedisd teams.
This was the first major where we saw NIP not making it to the final for the first time losing to the famousand the Plow became well known after that.
Despite Fnatic dominating the scenegave the a hell of a fight and even beating them multiple times.
After the seventh major wherewon, Fnatic decided to get rid of Pronax.
They replaced him withand won 6 events in a row.
They won IEM Katowice beatingin the final and where hot favorite to win the next major just around the corner.
Although at the major they suffered a loss toand where forced to beat Faze to make it to the playoffs.
They made the playoffs but got eliminated byand their 6 event streal came to an end.
At the semifinals we saw the biggest choke to date wheremanaged to win 2-0 being down 9-15 and 6-15.
After that they won the major beatingin the final.
At the next event Luminostiy where upset by the chinesein the group stage.
The chinese team then lost toafter Guardians return as he could not play the group stage due to a hand injury.
The team made it to the final yet again but still lost, this time toin the final.
Coming in to the ninth major Was favorites to win.
They previously lost toat ECS Season 1 finals,
but managed to beat them at cologne and made it all the way only losing a map toin the semifinals.
After that major the team could only make semis and finals but could not win anything losing toat IBUYPOWER invitational 2016 fall.
At IEM Oakland we saw the magic fromas they won the event against SK in the final.
This was the first tournament wherereturned to the swedish team.
At the end of the year the major qualifier took place where we saw NIP shockingly losing16-2 and failed to qualify to the major for the first time.
Coming into the tenth majorwhere rated as the #1 team in the world.
But one team challenged for that spot asmeet Astralis in the Grand final.
After that event Dreamhack Las Vegas was played and this timebeat Astralis and won the event against SK in the final.
At IEM Katowice Astralis managed to keep their #1 spot as they only lost toin a bo1 and tiebreaker against faze.
After IEM Katowice Faze picked up their first win atwhere Nik0 became the mvp.
For a period of time it was the two same teams in most of the finals withand Faze, leading up to the major.
At the eleventh major we saw the big surprise ofand Immortals making it all the way to the final.
This is wherewon his first major after failing in multiple major finals.
This player was then going to go back towhere he replaced Guardian.
At IEM Oakland we saw the NIP magic as they managed to take downin the finals to go back to back in Oakland.
Still they failed to qualify for the next major inwhere the major qualifer became the new challenger stage.
At the twelth major, Faze was a hot favorite but could not beatwho became the first NA team to win a major.
After that major we starladder wherewas playing above and beyond carrying Navi to the final.
Despite that he could not beat the hotin the final but still got the MVP of the event.
Despite S1mple carrying his team to finals it waswho would go away with most of the titles.
They won DH Marseille where once againwas the mvp.
Going into Colognewere 1 trophy away from winning the grand slam.
They made it to the semifinals wheremanaged to to take them down on front of their home crowd.
At Dreamhack Stockholm we saw the surprisingwin the event taking down Astralis twice.
At the faceit major, North failed to qualify as they lost toin round 5 and was eliminated.
At the new legends stageSurprised everyone going 3-0 and into the playoffs.
In the playoffs the only series that went 3 maps was thevs Hellraisers match.
Astralis cruised through the event defeatingLiquid and Navi 2-0 to win their second major title.
After the major Astralis continued their dominance winningas their next event beating MIBR in the final.
At IEM Chicago, Astralis where down 9-15 againston the third map in the semifinals,
but came back with incredible tacticts winningon inferno and later winning the event.
After Mousesports failure at Starladder they removed Snax and brought back inwho they had previously kicked for Snax.
Astralis ended the year, winning Blast pro Lisbon wheregot his first MVP.
At the fourteenth major, we saw the finnish teammake it all the way to the final.
They beat Liquid in the quarters andin the semis but could not compete with prime Astralis
At team that came up in 2019 was a french team known aswho had won ECS and CS_summit.
By far the best player on that team waswho got the MVP of both events.
Before the major we saw Liquid winning thein Cologne and winning a million dollars.
At the fifthteenth major Liquid were favorites but lost to teams like NRGand Astralis and got eliminated in the quarterfinals.
Astralis then went to win the major wheregot his second major MVP.
A candidate for the MVP had a meme for himself calledTime, where he would save his awp.
Coming into ESL New Yorklooks to try and keep their #1 spot in the hltv rankings.
Faze clan aqcuired two new playersand Broky who is on trial.
We have seen legends of the game retiring recently withand Zeus both igls who retired this summer.
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