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Can you name the things listed from A-Z from 'The Wheel of Time' novels?

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AA rare object that allows one to handle channeling a greater amount of the One Power than would be safely possible unaided.
BA region in the far north corrupted by the Dark One.
CThe capital city of Andor.
DA collared woman who can channel. (Seanchan term)
EOne of the five powers that make up the 'One Power.'
FThe name given to thirteen of the most powerful Aes Sedai ever known, that joined the Dark Ones cause during the War of the Shadow.
GA traveling storyteller, musician, juggler, tumbler and all-around entertainer.
HA legendary object that can bring dead heroes back from the grave to fight against the Shadow.
IOne who knows the secret of making fireworks.
JA theif-catcher from Tear.
KA group of women turned away from the Tower who started sheltering runaways from the Tower.
LOne of the forsaken, whose name means 'Daughter of the Night.'
MShadowspawn, Commanders of Trollocs.
NThe 'Wisdom' of Emond's Field.
OA non-human race, characterized by great height, broad snoutlike noses, and long tufted ears.
PThe title claimed by Masema Dagar, a Shienaran soldier, who preaches the rebirth of the Dragon Reborn.
QAn order within the Children of the Light, whose purposes are to discover the truth in disputations and to uncover Darkfriends.
RThe Dragon Reborn.
SA mountain in the Blasted Lands, the site of the Dark One's prison.
T'The World of Dreams' in the Old Tongue.
UThe named of the one-eyed Shienaran
VAn Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah.
WA woman who has learned to channel the One Power on her own.
XRand acquires the 'Crystal Sword,' Callandor, in much the same way that King Arthur acquires which sword?
YThe Ajah known for it's healing prowess.
ZWhat is Faile's first name?

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