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Alternate LyricSongActual Lyric
She puts on shoes with lengthy heels; I garb myself in cotton wear for the upper body.
Stop communicating with me via cellular device. I wish not to speak with you one more time.
I am an insect with a stinger and a yellow and black coat.
I would like to coerce the being who is myself to believe, that the third planet from the sun rotates at a slow angular velocity.
The male species is congregating due to the rumor of our confidence, however we shove them away unless they appear to be an elderly, wealthy, rock star.
You are a high-temperatured, disorganized wreck and I am under the spell you have cast upon me.
Be quiet, and put your assets and savings where your masticating device is. That is what one receives for attaining consciousness in the city of sin.
Alternate LyricSongActual Lyric
All of the romantically uninvolved women, place your hands in a direction opposing the force of gravity.
I have no opinion to your thoughts, as long as they are directed towards my existence.
These lanes of travel will create a feeling within you that makes you feel freshly produced.
At one point in my life, I was the dictator of the entire planet. The ocean would stand upon my order.
Because my sweetheart is the ruler of a nation, but that means she is just a useless piece in chess with some impressive movements.
If you lack wealth, then take your inoperable tush home.
From the time when you left, I have been capable of absorbing oxygen into my bloodstream.

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