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Can you name the US state capitals by their etymology?

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Named for its state, which was named for the Choctaw words for 'red person'
Named for an early gold prospector who bribed the other miners with alcohol to name the town after him
Named for a city on the south coast of France
Named for the first chancellor of Germany
Named for either Jerusalem or a town in Massachusetts
Named for the divine care the founder felt while in exile from Massachusetts
Named for a leader in the state's war of independence against Mexico
Probably from a river crossing named for early settler Stephen Frank
Named for the 5th governor of the Kansas Territory
French for 'red pole'
Named for early settler John Harris Sr
Named for the leader of the American invasion of Canada in the Revolutionary War
A feminized version of the name of explorer credited with discovering the Americas
The Spanish word for 'Eucharist'
Spanish for 'Holy Faith'
Named for the third president of the United States
Named for the explorer credited with discovering the Americas
The only state capital retaining its indigenous name, meaning 'protected bay'
Named for the smaller of two outcroppings on a nearby river
Named for the desire for peaceful resolution to a border conflict
Named for the nearby ocean
Named for the founder of the Roanoke colony
From the French word for 'wooded'
Named for a French fur trader working in the region
Named for the fourth president of the United States
Named for the local Só'taeo'o and Tsétsêhéstâhese tribes, known in Siouan as 'Šahíyena' or 'red talkers'
Named for the 16th president of the United States
Named for a town in New York, which was named for a delegate to the Constitutional Convention
Named for a Christian apostle and letter-writer
The Shawnee word for 'wild potatoes'
Named for Queen Anne of England
An Apalachee word meaning 'old fields' or 'old town'
Named for a town in Minnesota, not the island of Napoleon's exile
Named for famed frontiersman Kit
Named for early settler William Trent
Named for a borough of Greater London
Named for the nearby saline body of water
Named for a War of 1812 general and future president
Named for a Revolutionary War general killed at the battle of Germantown, plus the French word for 'town'
Named for a town in Lincolnshire
Named for Charles Clendenin, father of the town's founder
From the Gaelic word for 'Scotland'
From the name of the state and the Greek word for 'city'
From the home of the gods in Greek mythology
Possibly named for the daughter of a Revolutionary War general or the first Roman emperor
Named after the county town of Hertfordshire, England
Named for the nearby Spring Creek
From either the French word for 'monks' or the Miami-Illinois word 'mooyiinkweena', meaning 'the excrement-faces'
Named for an English town famed for its white cliffs
Built on the ruins of the city of Pueblo Grande, this capital is named for a mythological creature that also rose from the ashes

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