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Can you name the largest cities of each US state by their etymology?

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Named for a noble title given to the oldest brother of the king of France
Spanish for 'the meadows'
From the French word for 'wooded'
Named for either a market town in Nottinghamshire or an updated version of Noah's vessel
Greek for 'brotherly love'
Named for a noble title traditionally given to the second son of British monarchs
Named for the largest city in Maine
Means 'protected bay' in the local Polynesian language
Named for the wife of British king George III
Named for the local Burling family
From the name of the state and the Greek word for 'city'
Named for its state, which was named for the Choctaw words for 'red person'
Named for the local Só'taeo'o and Tsétsêhéstâhese tribes, known in Siouan as 'Šahíyena' or 'red talkers'
French for 'strait'
Named for a town in Lincolnshire
Spanish for 'the angels'
Named for the president of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company
Named for the explorer credited with discovering the Americas
Named for the nearby saline body of water
Named for Charles Clendenin, father of the town's founder
Named for the divine care the founder felt while in exile from Massachusetts
From the Potawatomi word 'minwaking' meaning 'gathering place'
Named for a small island in the English channel off the coast of Dorset
Named for an English city known for canals and soccer
Named for the noble title of Spencer Compton, second prime minister of Great Britain
Named for a town in Extremadura, Spain
A feminized version of the name of explorer credited with discovering the Americas
Miami-Illinois for 'wild onion'
Named for a structure on the Pequonnock River
Named for the local Siouan-speaking tribe
Named for the 5th governor of the Kansas Territory
Named for the capital of Egypt during the Old Kingdom
Named for the nearby ocean
From either the French word for 'monks' or the Miami-Illinois word 'mooyiinkweena', meaning 'the excrement-faces'
Named for the second largest city in the UK
Named for a place where ships can stay without moorings
Named for the Kansa Native American tribe
Named for a 19th century financier and business partner of Henry Wells
Named for Si'ahl, chief of the Duwamish tribe
Named for the first president of the state as an independent republic
Named for being on the coast of its state, which was named for Queen Elizabeth I's celibacy
Named for a War of 1812 general and future US president
Named for the last king of France before the revolution
Named for the smaller of two outcroppings on a nearby river
Built on the ruins of the city of Pueblo Grande, this city is named for a mythological creature that also rose from the ashes
Named for the cascades of the Big Sioux River
Named for the noble title of colonial governor Cecil Calvert
From the Sioux word for 'water' and the Greek word for 'city'
Named for the local Kitikiti’sh confederation

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