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Can you name the characters and things from Greek mythology beginning with the letter 'A'?

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Commander of the Myrmidons in the Trojan War
Transformed into a deer by an angry goddess; devoured by his own dogs
Son of Aphrodite; leads the Trojan survivors to Italy
Leader of the Greeks in the Trojan War
Famed warrior women
Food of the gods
Wife of Hector; enslaved after the fall of Troy
Chained to a rock as as a sacrifice; rescued by future husband Perseus
Daughter of Oedipus; subject of a play by Sophocles
Goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality
God of light, truth, prophecy, healing, and music
Boastful weaver transformed into a spider after challenging a goddess
God of warfare; a son of Hera and Zeus
Ship sailed in the Quest for the Golden Fleece
Hundred-eyed monster tasked by Hera to guard Io
Aided Theseus in defeating the minotaur
Virgin goddess of the hunt
God of medicine and healing
Pierced the Calydonian Boar; in some versions, the only female Argonaut
Virgin goddess of wisdom and patron of Athens
Bears the heavens upon his shoulders
One of the three Fates; cuts the thread of life

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