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Can you name the project x zone fangame characters?

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Soul of Mary Magdeline
The Shield Alter
Demon King
Anti-Social Tactician Magician Alter
Smashing Magnet
Elite Imperial Knight of Terca Lumreis
Mizonquan Movie Artist
Test Experiment Turned Hunter
Hunter's Worthy Adversary
Framed Goverment Agent
The Terror of Death
Heritor of the Holy Sword
Bionis' Cyborg
Accomplice of Mary Magdeline
The Best Star Gladiator Fallen
Unkillable Hunter
Captain of the Rhythm Rogues
Greedy Stoic with Her Heart in the Right Place
The Silver Knight
The Big Boss Aragami
Dragon of Dojima
Tougher Than the Rest of Them
Commander of Japan's Kouma
Fastest Info Broker
Oboro Clan Cursed One
Funniest New York Assault Force Member
Dynamite Cop
Nameless Survivor
Treasure Hunter
Brother of Bionis' Cyborg
Ultimate Life Form
Head of the Dohma Family
Will of the Universe
Shinra Elite
Angel Warrior
Child of the Divine Dragon, Naga
Reptile Detective Powerhouse
Princess of Kagura Amahara
Bunny Phantom of Paris
.hacker's Heavy Hitter
Undead Rock Artist
The First Phase 'Death'
Bison's Former Puppet
Shapeshifting Tutor
Supernatural Wind Fighter
Lazy Swordfighting Alter
Prince of Ylisse
Shinobi Agency Stoic
Mystery-Loving Adventurer
S.I.N.'s Spider
Nameless Valkyria
Head of the Aensland Family
Devil of G Corporation
Shinra's Otaku
You Must Play the Sega Saturn!
Nobunaga's Loyal Servant
Darkhunter Extraordinaire
Raging Street Cop
Armstone City's Fighting Viper
Princess of the Helldorado Space Colony
The Avatar Alter
Mechanic of the Bonne Pirate Family
Ace Attorney
Former Knight of Zenith
Warrior of a Doomed Future
Original Devil Hunter
World Hopping Intern
Smoking Aragami Hybrid
Psycho Power Fanatic
Electifying Aragami
Giant Fighter with Two Bad Knees
Intellectual Horse of Ouma
Electrifying Devil Hunter
Hazuki Dojo Martial Artist
Fallen Sun God
Hagakure Ninja
Princess of the Sol Dimension
Most Infected BSAA Founder
Most Intellectual B.O.W.
Tenzai Shinobi
Soldier From New A.D.
Princess of Terca Lumireis
God-Like Figure
Evil Robotic Replica Cop
Leader of the Brave Vesperia Guild
Face as a Shield
Eternal Wanderer
Thief of the Golden Seed
America's Ouma Branch Agent
Bajiquan Fighter
Former Maverick Hunter Commander
Fastest Copy Alive
Imperial Valkyria
Imperial Samurai Actor
Quiet Blood Soldier
The Only Strider Left
Ouma's Roughhousing Ox-Face
Nameless Squad Commander with a Sweet Tooth
Cardinal of Basel
Biological Research Sister
Azure Player Killer
Artificial God
Rivalling Schoolboy with Guts
Evil Trickster Genius
Chaotix Tracker
Deadly Android
Commander of Justice
Head of the Maximoff Family
The King of the Iron Fist
Ranmaru's Loyal Squire
He's Covered Wars, You Know!
Ouma Agent
Imperial Assault Force Commander
1st Special Meverick Hunter Elite
First Ever God Eater
Swordfighting Realist
17th Elite Maverick Hunter
Spiritual Zombie-Killing Cop
Persistent B.O.W.
Traitor From Bionis
Body of Mary Magdeline
Smoking Demon
Madman Bent on Destroying the Worlds
Stoic Heritor
Danger to All Worlds
Magical Book of Justice
Vessel of Arahabaki
Ogami's Parisian Lover
Fastest Thing Alive
Faithful Servant of Tron Bonne
Friendly Darkhunter in Training
The Main Hero
Schoolgirl Who Wants to Help
Russian Aragami Survivor
Master Mechanic
Famous Darkstalker
Puppet of Mundus
New Prototype Reploid Hunter
Newest Devil Hunter
Gymnastics Star Gladiator
The Fire-Breathing Fist
The Center of Lady's Anger
Hired Assassin
Magical Book of the Dead
The Visionary
Grandmaster Meio's Fighter
Blood Vengeance
Sonic's Lover/Stalker
Helping Mechanic
Emperor of Fyrlandt
Spirit Medium
Future Savior
Merciless Assassin
BSAA's Strongest Founder
Mad Dog of Shimano
Chaotix Master of Stealth
Interpol Agent
Robotic Vengeance
S.I.N. Founder
Bounty Hunter Since Birth
Azure Kite of the .hackers
Most Reliable Government Agent

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The Perfect Sequence IV

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Just remember if you get the sequence wrong you end up with the farthest thing from perfection.
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