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What is the name of Peyton's rockstar birth father?
What is the last name of Nathan's professor and Ian's dad?
On what day of the week did the show first air?It first aired September 23, 2003
What is Brooke's fathers name?
Who does Nathan believed saved him in the season 4 opener?
What do Tim and Bevin name their son?
What was Jaime's first word?
Who burns down Dan Scott Motors trying to kill Dan?
What is the name of the rival cafe in season 9?
Who does Brooke beat to become class president?
What season 9 character dates Chase and Chris Keller at the same time?
What is the name of Samantha's best friend?Also a famous whiskey brand
Who plays Logan Evans?
In what town was One Tree Hill filmed?
What did Nathan trade his car for in season 4?
Where do Peyton, Lindsey, Brooke, Mia, and Haley get stuck during the basketball game?
What is the name of the head of clean teens?
What is Haley's middle name?
Who is shown pregnant in the last minutes of the finale?
Where does Julian's movie premiere during the season seven finale?
What is Rachel's middle name?
What is Dan's father's name?
What stuffed animal did Brooke give Angie?
What alias does Chris Keller use in order to get a job at red bedroom records?
What is Chuck's secret interest?
What is Skills scared of?
What is Felix and Anna's last name?
What show was filmed in the same town as One Tree Hill?
What is the name of Julian and Alex's movie?
What is the name of Lucas's novel?

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