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Can you name the Generals killed/mortally wounded at Gettysburg?

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Date of deathAnswerExtra Info
July 1, 1863One of George Meade's most trusted officers. He is believed to have been killed by a sharpshooter.
July 2, 1863Classmate with J.E.B Stuart at West Point.
July 3, 1863Shot five times in the chest during an ill-fated charge.
July 3, 1863One of the pioneers of telegraphy.
July 3, 1863Led his brigade into Pickett's Charge despite dealing with a fever and a bad leg.
July 3, 1863Lawyer from Mississippi who helped the Confederates achieve early success in the battle.
July 5, 1863Led his Confederate troops to the 'high-water mark.' Died of exhaustion from the charge two days later.
July 7, 1863One of the heroes of Little Round Top.
July 10, 1863Cousin of C.S.A. naval hero. Shot in the thigh and died eight days later.
July 17, 1863Killed during the retreat from Gettysburg.
July 18, 1863Promoted to major general at the age of 29.

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