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Silentó just dropped down in London, yeah I'm about to get a foreign, yeah We in the city, we turned up the night We in the club, we packed it tonight
Of course I get lonely, I guess I ain't old me
I can kiss somebody brand new And not even think about you
Swimming in a pool of people The only one I see is you
I'm so sorry I can't stop myself from staring at you, When you're tired and blue, my dear.
I?ll admit for a moment, I apologize I guess I just lost my head
'Cause everybody knows it and everybody knew before But no one ever told you girl, well baby that's what I'm here for
Should I should I should I, should I should I wanna I wanna feel this way
She got that smile and that body is to die for One of a kind and that's why it makes me cry
They don't tell the story right Only the capturing the nights We were in love You and me
I'd rather crash, I'd rather crawl Than never have your love at all With only bricks to break my fall
I been thinking 'bout you, 'bout you all day Found my hands all over your waist I just need a couple drops of this
And I'm wondering how we got this far I'm just another boy
And I will take you there if you let me take you, to places that you've never been, never been before
I can move in with you, And we could get married too Go on our honeymoon, Maybe we should finish this coffee first
Look at that face, I don't ever wanna let you down It's love by mistakes, heartbreaks, don't ever wanna see you frown
Cause I need this more than a one night stand Need that honey Won't you hold my hand
You say you're better with (Hands yeah yeah yeah) (Hands yeah yeah yeah)
No good for me or my frame of mind I think about you all the time
I don't wanna be this cold Shivering to my bones Someone reset my soul
There's water under the bridge Telling me where I've been Need to go outside and live my life, right now
And I don't understand How you slipped through my hands And I do all I can To get you out of my head
Pushing through the bodies 'Cause I only want your Body
So I've been waiting for an opportunity Just to speak my mind If that's alright
'Cause I got hope, hope, hope More than you know, know, know Deep in my soul, soul, soul So even when my walls come down
Tell me how you really feel So I know it's really real
Take me for all that I am and Save me from all that you can and I try my best to keep you strong
I'm breaking in to steal it all And I'll escape with every
But now is four in the morning, and I'm losing my mind Can't get to sleep, thinking maybe you're with some other guy
Here we go again, another drink I'm caving in Stupid words keep falling from my mouth
The way that you move You take me to heaven The things that you do You got me confessin'
I gotta wanna, I only wanna I gotta gotta
I'm never gonna find my way if I don't learn to let go
If everything's changing I need you to know The hardest decision Was letting you go
Said you'd stay but when the magic died You were looking for the one on the rise Pick me up and show me your behind
So won't you smile for me And I'll take your picture Make it last a lifetime Replay it in my eyes
I need to know a way to follow you, girl when all that I love will sink like stones
See you can find me The tallest building, in the tallest city And I will build a ladder to the rooftops Screaming from my lungs, 'I'm sorry I messed up'
So whisper in my ear when you come in And tell me, tell me you're in the mood
This ain't the end of us, Darling let me show you, I am good enough,
But I will run back Into your arms No matter where we are
Put your hands up You're surrounded The whole love thing I clowned it Then who's the joker? I guess I'm it 'Cause I let it right go when I found it
Sleepless cities dead You came crashing in just like I knew you would
I'm looking at pictures They don't make me feel better, better Someone call the doctor Can he make me forget her, get her
Maybe I shoulda loved harder Put up more of a fight I know I could've been stronger tonight
The cold in my bones I feel it in any weather Ghosts in my home
Honey, you got all of me Mixin' up the sweet with the sour taste
Picture perfect pictures, And I'm looking like I just got laid, Got
You tell me all the things I wanna hear When I'm gone, you say you want me near
I'm feeling tip top I'm not gonna stop Tapping my shoes
Try to keep my composure Would be easy if I was sober
I'm drifting day to day, I just lay awake, No I can't sleep.
I'm throwing stones at your windowpane 'Cause a boy like me and a girl like you Got no degrees and a lot to prove Says that you're wrong for me
So give me some!
We fell in Now we're falling apart
Ooh na na na na Don't tell me you don't want me 'Cause I know it's a lie, lie, lie, lie
But does he love you like I used to? Does he know the things that I knew? How you loved the rain and Tennessee on ice
You've got me gone, how long 'til we're Dancing on the tables, tryna prove the whole world wrong Song ready through the speakers, screaming every word
And you know, you know where to find me Yeah you know where to go when you're looking for love
Ends up with you, I signed it with love from me to you, I tried to be cool, But my feelings they don't allow me to
Wake up, I've been tryna save us I'm not gonna give up, but you don't seem to worry at all
I've got to be honest with myself that I'm gonna get burned Now things have changed and the tables have turned I've lost so many friends, hope they find me again
Trust me We'd never need company So, come on, take my hand Move slow Let your body let me know
You got me acting like a schoolgirl You got me cheering like your number one fan
I'm sick and tired of playing games I'm sick and tired of being second place
You can be my sunshine (sunshine) Let me watch you do the dirty wind (dirty wind) Come on, baby, let me let go
Though I stopped calling you And I stopped taking your messages Never stopped loving you
This lonely heart of mine grows colder every night And this glass upon my eye falls victim to the light
Look at me now, I'm falling I can't even talk, still stuttering This ground of mine keeps shaking
Sweet like sugar on my lips So addictive, just one hit
The way you move it got me losing it, Don't you know that you are
I'd sing your name over the airwaves, Crash your couch and sleep off or stay awake. If not tonight, maybe tomorrow, 'Cause I'm hung up, I'm shook up,
I don't wanna jinx this thing
Now I?m half a world away from you, but you're always on my mind
Blood id only water, I would walk through fire, just for one more night with you
Can't take my eyes off Can't take my hands off you
We're alone and broke, but that's okay There's a fire in our hears Yeah we might get caught but we'll feel the same
In my head, in my heart It'll always be with you In the dark It'll always be with you
It's never been too easy Loving in the dark I know you're gonna mistreat me So won't you play your part
I remember the evenin' you said you were leavin' That's when I knew I had lost
And I be lost and alone, And I'm scared to find my own I need hope or control but something's pulling me in
I thought you were sleeping Do you feel the same? Oh I bet you can't complain About that at all
Run deep like the ocean I'll drown in your love You never have to wonder
Whenever I feel low And when I'm so far from home Always count my stars at night
She got legs like Beyoncé Give me the eyes like Rihanna And I wanna put her on camera
Waiting for the light Night after night, night after night And I know I will slip away Day after day, day after day
I'm thinkin' more than usual Every drop I drink doesn't make it make sense, mmm
Does he love like I do? Touch like I do?
But the nine to five's too obvious I ain't complaining, just saying
Ah, we don't have to live forever We don't have to settle down We don't gotta be right
Never stopped being someone who could love you well Had to show you the hard way Only time will tell Revelations and heartaches make you realize
We're both under ceilings staring up sharing this feeling You should be held by me
Tonight we'll dance, I'll be yours and you'll be mine
We do it all again, So bring your friends and tell a friend to bring another friend

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