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QUIZ: Can you name the one direction fact game (only true directioners know)?

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whos claustrophobic in the band
whos fav. band is The Fray
month liam was born in
who used to have only one kidney
who has a dog named Brit
who started playing a guitar when he was 12
month louis was born in
month niall was born in
month harry was born in
month zayn was born in
harrys fav. movie
who sleeps naked
louis man crush(not harry)
liams fav. color
liams fav. movie series
which movie did niall cry to
nialls man crush
whos left handed
who cant really swim
who sang Hey there Delihah
who sang So Sick
who sang Isnt She Lovely
who sang Cry me A River
who came up with the name One Direction
who is muslim
niall only read one book what is its title
how did liam break his nose(1 word)
who once owned pink straightners
where does zayn have a mole
zayn most embarrising song on his ipod

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