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Can you name the thyroid conditions associated with these features?

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fibrovascular cores, psammoma bodies, orphan annie eyes, nuclear irregularitiesfinger-like projections
lakes of colloid, areas of hypertrophy and atrophymany causes, e.g. iodine
invasive proliferation of follicle cells, vascular invasion or angiogenesismalignant tumor of follicles
lymphocyte infiltrate, fibrosis, granulomascaused by viral infection
parafollicular cells, calcitonin, amyloid depositsdifficult to tell without staining
depleted colloid, follicle cell growth into lumencaused by thyroid stimulating immunoglobins
proliferation of follicle cells, small well-circumscribed nodulebenign tumor
lymphocyte infiltrate with otherwise normal folliclescaused by bacterial infection
highly invasive, undifferentiatedpoor prognosis
lymphocyte infiltrate, hurthle cells, fibrosiscaused by autoimmune destruction of follicular cells

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