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Can you name the types of prostate or testicular cancer?

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FeaturesCancer Type/StainBonus facts
testicle: lakes of blood, HCG
AMACR stains for
testicle: necrotic area with scar tissue only
testicle: sheets of dark-staining cells, non-distinct borders
looking at tumor spread and metastasis
looking at gland circumscription, size and shape, invasion is part of
testicle: lace doilies, schiller-duval bodies, AFP
testicle: many types of other tumors
34BetaE12 stains for
testicle: germ cells with enlarged nuclei, prominent nucleoli, clear cytoplasm, PLAP
prostate: abnormal epithelia proliferation in glands, nuclear abnormalities, intact basal cell layer
prostate: abnormal epithelia proliferation in glands, nuclear abnormalities, absent basal cell layer
prostate: overgrowth of stroma or epithelia in nodules, intact basal cell layer
testicle: differentiated cells from multiple embryonic layers (cartilage, neurons, fingernails, etc)
testicle: clear cytoplasm, large nucleus with prominent nucleoli, distinct cytoplasm

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