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Liver inflammation with light nuclear inclusionsLiver
Liver inflammation with eosinophils, allergiesLiver
Glandular cell proliferation, dense fibrosis, perineural invasion, Trousseau sign/thrombosisPancreas
Serosal inflammation, abdominal pain, result of certain conditionsPeritoneum
Yellow-green masses on liver, dense cords or dense bile-secreting glands, small cell dysplasia, AFP stainLiver
Glandular epithelial proliferation, dysplasia, polyps in colonColon
Inflammation around portal area, bile duct fibrosis and destruction, itch, mainly younger males and IBDLiver, Bile Duct
Allergies, rugal folds, increased eosinophils in esophagusEsophagus
Inflammation, ulceration, exudate in appendix, RLQ painAppendix
Macrophage infiltrate, bacteria in lamina propria of intestineSmall intestine
Round, salmon-colored growth in pancreas resulting in hormone productionPancreas
Fat necrosis, parenchymal necrosis of pancreasPancreas
Liver inflammation with serum antibodiesLiver
Mucosa and submucosal inflammation in colon, crypt abscesses, hemorrhage, extends continuously from rectumColon
Gallbladder inflammation, recurring pain, fibrosis, atrophy, rokitansky-aschoff sinusesGallbladder
Visible bacteria, ulcers and inflammation in stomachStomach
Gallbladder inflammation, sudden pain, murphy's signGallbladder
Signet ring cells proliferation, gross wall thickening in stomachStomach
Brown liver, iron in hepatocytes in perl stain, fibrosis, bronze skin, rareLiver
Keiser-Fleisher (brown ring in iris), chronic inflammation, copper stainLiver
Intestinal parasite with paired nuclei, flagellated tailSmall intestine
Crowded gland proliferation with mucin in esophagusEsophagus
Liver inflammation with granulomas, infiltrate without necrosisLiver
Esophagus necrotic ulcers, ground glass nucleiEsophagus
Dense elongated stroma cell proliferation in stomachStomach, Small Intestine
Squamous epithelial proliferation, pearls of squamous tissue, smokingEsophagus
Bacterial and viral intestinal infections causing diarrhea, e.g RotavirusSmall, large intestine
Discontinuity in surface epitheliaEntire GI
Cysts lined by flattened, cuboidal epithelial proliferation in pancreasPancreas
Hepatocyte dropout or swelling, acidophilic bodies (round pink), necrosis, inflammatory infiltrate, cell plate disarray in liverLiver
Dense fibrous stroma proliferation, mucin producing glands in bile ductLiver, Bile Duct
Chronic inflammation, intestinal metaplasia, mucosal atrophy, all over stomachStomach
Transmural, skip lesions, granulomas in colon and other placesIleum, Colon
Massive hemorrhage and erosion of stomach, multi-system failureStomach
Liver inflammation with multinuclear cells, neonatal injuryLiver
Severe inflammation, bridging necrosis, plasma cells in liverLiver
Large areas of necrosis in liver, starts near central vein, red and yellow liver, acetoaminophen or other causesLiver
Shrunken irregular liver surface, nodular architecture, fibrosis surrounding normal tissueLiver
Inflammation, fibrosis around pancreatic ducts without calcifications or fat necrosisPancreas
Yellow liver, fat globules, mainly central veinLiver
Crowded columnar gland cell proliferation in stomach, bulky massStomach
Lymphocytic infiltrate mainly around portal area and limiting plate, acidophilic bodies, minimal lobulitis in liverLiver
Liver inflammation with sinusoidal infiltrate, atypical lymphocytesLiver
Dilated blood vessels lining esophagus, portal HTEsophagus
NSAIDs, no neutrolphils, pit hyperplasia in stomachStomach
Perivenular fibrosis, pericellular chicken wire fibrosisLiver
Hepatocyte dropout, mallory bodies (ragged pink), inflammatory infiltrate, cell plate disarrayLiver
Esophagus white plaques, long tubular sporesEsophagus
Atrophy, fibrosis, calcification of pancreasPancreas
Yellow exudate outside cell, normal columnar mucosa, antibiotics in intestineColon
Inflammation and fibrosis with ground glass hepatocytes, serum antibodiesLiver
Chronic inflammation, intestinal metaplasia, mucosal atrophy in stomach, spared antrum, anemiaStomach
Outpouching mucosa through muscularis externa of colon, possible inflammationColon
Dense lymphocytic infiltrate in lamina propria, diffuse effacement of entire stomach mucosaStomach
Columnar epithelial cells, goblet cells, red mucosa in esophagusEsophagus
Liver inflammation with abscessesLiver
Resembles Alcoholic Liver Disease with obesity, insulin resistance and no history of alcohol or viral hepatitisLiver
Inflammation around portal area, bile duct fibrosis and destruction, itch, mainly older femalesLiver, Bile Duct
Globules of pink glycoprotein in hepatocytes, mostly portal area, rareLiver
Villous atrophy, crypt hyperplasia, lymphocytic infiltrate in intestine, resolve with gluten-free dietSmall intestine
Linear ulcers, strictures, basal hyperplasia, edema in esophagusEsophagus, Stomach
Liver inflammation with dark owl-eye nuclear inclusionsLiver
Inability to control esophageal smooth muscle, increased toneEsophagus

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