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Can you name the conditions associated with the adrenal glands?

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cortical cell proliferation, nuclear abnormalities, poorly-circumscribed, necrosis or hemorrhagegross: large yellow mass
central obesity, hypertension, sweating, easy bruising, hyperglycemiaadrenal excess
fatigue, weakness, nausea, hypotension, hyperpigmentationadrenal insufficiency
chromaffin cell proliferation, hemorrhagic massesrare tumor of adrenal medulla
thinner cortex and medulla, fewer cellscan result from steroid excess, adrenal inflammation/infection
thickened cortex, enlarged glandscaused by too much ACTH, can lead to cushing's
lymphocyte infiltration, necrotizing granulomashistorically common bacterial infection of adrenal cortex
lymphocyte infiltration, thickened capsule, fibrosiscause of addison's
massive hemorrhage in cortexbacterial infection of adrenal cortex, high mortality
cortical cell proliferation, well-circumscribedgross: small yellow mass

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