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What song did amy lee write for the singer of seether. [her boyfriend at the time]
are the lyrics to My immortal the original lyrics.
Did evanescence release Bring me to life without male vocals
who is the guy in the broken music video
is there an official tourniquet music video
What was the first EP released in 1998
what was their debut album
what is track 3 on the fallen cd
what is track 9 on fallen
Are any of the tracks on fallen not remade for that cd?
On anywhere but home, what song is a cover?
who originally wrote the cover song on anywhere but home
what is track 1 on sound asleep
what song are these lyrics from: amy, marry me, promise you'll stay with me. oh you dont have to ask me you know youre all that i live for
what about these lyrics?:: i would give the last breath from my chest, to give you all the things that my mind couldnt bear
what was the song exodus about
what music video had wolves and a huge fancy dinner table in it
'my black backpack stuffed with broken dreams, 20 bucks should get me through the week' what song is that.
'never sleep never die' what song. off what album
'if you need to leave the world you live in, lay your head down and stay a while, if you do not remember dreaming, something waits for you to dream again' song name? as it is shown
what song talks about bipolar medication on the newer CDs
what is the lead singers name
did some idiot kill themselves listening to tourniquet and did evanescence have to deal with the after math of the idiots decision?
what color are amy lees eyes
what piercing do you see on Amy lees face on the fallen album cover
what year was fallen released
what album name begins with O
what album has thorns on it and an eye
what album has a red background with thorns on it
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