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This is my islandThis is someone's catchphrase
Never, never say dieCastaway's thoughts on not giving up, until it's happened
Just annihilate themCastaway tells another how the next few moves will go
It's human natureCastaway explains how the game is
Perception is not always realityCastaway explains how the game is
A bunch of idiotsCastaway's thoughts on their tribe
That little munch-kin needs to be knocked backed to OzCastaway's thoughts on another castaway
Go out with a bangCastaway's thoughts on blindsiding someone
Good luck with the food situatationCastaway says this once they get voted off as he was a chef
We asked the girls' if we could use the fishing gear and they say no. That's one world is out the windowThoughts of selfishness
I stole some of their stuffCastaway tells another castaway about what happened
There's gonna be chaosCastaway's thoughts on the next few days
I'm completely bum-puzzled right nowCastaway gets confused as their tribe is willing to give up the immunity idol
Alicia, I told you not to step downTribal council voting confession
Kim, you're a fantastic player and probably the best girl hereTribal council voting confession
I'm no dummyCastaway keeping their options open
I really don't want to do this, but I don't have a choice. I love you, monkey manTribal council voting confession
Thanks for the souvenirCastaway becomes selfish
Total dysfunctionThoughts on one tribe's challenge performance
Blindsides are funCastaway said this and got blindsided themself
Girls', if we stay together, then we can become one big ball of badassnessThoughts on keeping their tribe strong
I said if we catch the chicken then we would share the chickens no matter who would have caught itThoughts on greed
I'm a republican, I do not believe in free hand outThoughts on the other tribe in their own shelter

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