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Largest Region by population
Largest Region by size
Where is the Italian F1 circuit
Name the Sardinian Serie A team
Name an Italian rugby union team
Name the 1st capital of Italy
Name the 2nd capital of Italy
Name the 3rd capital of Italy
Name the current Italian PM
Who designed the dome of the Duomo in Florence
Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
What was his surname
Name his most famous sculpture
Where is it now
Name the other famous gallery in that city
What is the Italian word for bell tower
In which city is the Last Supper
Which modern day superpower was discovered by an Italian
Where is the Ferrari HQ
Most recent Italian Olympic host city
Most famous bridge in Italy
Type of shops on that bridge
Second biggest Tuscan City
Name of the horse race in the city
Name of the Basilica in Venice
Most famous bridge in Venice
Which ancient city did Vesuvius affect
Leonardo Da Vinci came from which province
Famous Italian skiing valley
Largest Italian Lake
Furthest north major city
The car model: Mito is named after which two cities
Italian car manufacturer
Italian car manufacturer
Italian car manufacturer
Italian car manufacturer
Italian car manufacturer
Borders Italy
Borders Italy
Borders Italy
Borders Italy
Borders Italy
Borders Italy
Infamous ex-Italian PM
Name of his parties
Chianti wine comes from what region
Italian for water bus
River through Rome
River through Florence
Country situated just south of Sicily

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